On-Demand Webinars

Educational and informative topics to help you continue advancing the manufacture and design of aerospace parts and components.

Taking Flight: 3D Printing Production Parts for Aircraft Interiors
Many potential beneficiaries have been slow to take advantage of the cutting-edge, tool-less additive manufacturing processes for on-demand production and apply its fullest potential. This webinar will cover: known aircraft interior applications for 3D printing; why 3D printing is a good fit for aerospace; process flow and detailed traceability in an 3D printing environment; real-world examples of 3D-printed parts for commercial aircraft and space vehicles.

Compliance and Security in the Cloud
Presented by Infor aerospace and defense experts Nick Castellina and Joe Arthur: ‘Don’t Let Security Concerns Halt Your Business Transformation Journey’ will tell you how your business can ensure compliance for NIST SP 800-171 and ITAR.

CG Tech: Feed Rate Optimization webinar
Feed rate optimization software determines the maximum reliable feed rate for cutting conditions encountered (in simulation) and calculates feed rates to remove material under ideal conditions. Learn how major aerospace companies use this technology to make better parts faster, even those made from hard or difficult-to-machine materials.

Reduce rework and rejections webinar
This exclusive webinar with 4D Technology demonstrates how to get more parts from your parts inspection process with 3D shop floor measurements. 

2018 Fall Aerospace Industry Outlook
Expectations for the year remain on target with the commercial aerospace market anticipated to grow at 3.5%; N. America aerospace demand is expected to be up 4.3%; MRO market up to an estimated $72 billion in 2018; and 2018 deliveries for Boeing and Airbus are on track to exceed 2017 numbers. Learn more in this on-demand webinar sponsored by Mitutoyo America.

2018 Aerospace Industry Outlook
The current commercial airliner backlog stands at more than 13,000 jetliners, worth nearly $1 trillion, equating to more than 8 years of production. To meet delivery goals, original equipment manufacturers are increasing pressure on their suppliers to produce jet engines, aerostructures, components, and equipment faster and at lower cost. Learn more about the challenges facing the industry and how it is responding in this webinar sponsored by Epicor Software.

Enemies of Precision Measurement: Searching for Lost Microns
Listen to this archived free webinar from Aug. 29, 2017, presented by Mahr Inc.’s George Schuetz and learn: what is the measurement process, the difference between measuring and gaging, how to select the right measuring solution, and how to identify the enemies of precision measurement.

Additive Manufacturing for Composite Tooling
Additively manufactured composites offer advantages that include greater design flexibility, decreased costs, and production efficiency. Listen as Tim Schniepp, Stratasys business development director for composite tooling, explains the benefits and capabilities of fused deposition modeling (FDM) composite tooling, including examples of customers who successfully use this application.

Understanding the impacts of disruptive technologies
Watch the archived version of this webinar to gain a greater appreciation and understanding of how significant innovative and disruptive technologies will affect your daily operations, what steps you can take today to understand and react to them, and how you can balance the hype of emerging disruptive technologies, to gain the greatest benefits and how best to transform your business and be better prepared for future growth. 

Fast, On-Demand Jig and Fixture Production Webinar
In this archived webinar you’ll see how Stratasys PolyJet technology makes jig and fixture production easier and faster than conventional methods, allowing you to make and use more of them.

Drone Manufacturer Uses 3D Printing to Provide a Wide Range of Application-Focused Drones - Archived webinar of May 25, 2016, with presenters Nate Newman of Monarch and Jeff Paquette of Stratasys, moderated by Eric Brothers.