IMTS 2022 Conference: Breaking Fallacies in Tooling – How it Impacts the Bottom Line

Learn common fallacies and misconceptions in tooling.

Breaking Fallacies in Tooling – How it Impacts the Bottom Line with YG-1 Tool Co.
GIE Media’s Manufacturing Group

About the presentation
This presentation addresses common fallacies and misconceptions in tooling. We’ll discuss where they come from, what is wrong with them, and how to fix them. Additionally, this presentation covers innovations and how they impact profitability, how tool wear can drive productivity and savings, how cutting data impacts the process (wear, process stability, chip formation/control, etc.), and how to smart-index inserts.

Powered by AMT and managed by GIE Media, The IMTS 2022 Conference features 69 different sessions you won’t want to miss so register today. Focused on a range of topics that include process innovation, plant operations, quality/inspection, and automation, The IMTS 2022 Conference addresses improving productivity; improving part quality; and developing a stable, competent workforce to lower the cost of manufacturing in the United States and create new levels of market demand.

Meet your presenterJan Anderson is a more than 20-year industry veteran. He has experience with global product management, global R&D in grades and geometrics, and tooling concepts.

About the company
YG-1 always strives to develop unique products never seen in the market before. By seeking technical development from overturning common sense, YG-1 developed fascinating items for customers all around the world. From choosing the best raw material to proceeding with accurate heat treatment and passing YG-1’s tight quality inspections, new products with cutting and finished surfaces are developed.

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