Edge Computing for Machine Tools

Gus Gremillion, a solutions consultant in machine tool digitalization at Siemens, discusses edge computing for machine tools.

Hear from Siemens' Gus Gremillion as he discusses edge computing. As manufacturers continue their Industry 4.0 journey, they are looking to expand their Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) capabilities. Manufacturing engineers want actionable insights to increase machine productivity, and data scientists are searching for higher quality statistics for digital twin modeling, while needing to do so in an existing CNC installed base.

Edge computing allows manufacturers to flexibly extend the capabilities of their shop floor without making major investments to upgrade machine tools or network infrastructure. Because data collection and processing are handled on an edge device, CNC performance and network traffic are minimally affected.

New use cases, including in-cycle process monitoring and anomaly detection, machine health monitoring, and big data analytics, can be addressed. The separation of computing from the CNC permits new data models, monitoring

thresholds, or entire applications to be deployed to a fleet of machine tools without taking them out of production. Edge computing fosters collaboration between OT and IT.