Watch out, Airbus and Boeing!

Watch out, Airbus and Boeing!

Some youngsters pick up hints from reading our magazine, plus we share a few stories from the past week.

September 7, 2019

This made us smile. An executive from Haimer shared these photos, with permission to post them, writing the following:

My two youngest children (twins) have been working all summer with two neighbor boys on building an airplane in my garage. They called their company “AirMaster” and their first plane is the “Optima 621.”

This past weekend, I told them I wanted my garage space back now that the summer is over, and I pulled it out for a “test flight”.

Once I pulled it out, I noticed copies of my old Aerospace Manufacturing and Design magazines and I asked them, “What are these?” The kids told me they were using the magazines as a guide on how to build an airplane (they gave me specific examples of things they had learned).

I told them that you might post this and they were very excited. They said that “Boeing and Airbus will probably be scared that they have a new competitor in AirMaster.”

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