Now on demand: Virtual Cutting Tool Roundtable

Now on demand: Virtual Cutting Tool Roundtable

In case you missed the roundtable, here's the recording to catch up on everything the panelists discussed.


In this exclusive online roundtable discussion, a panel of experts discuss trends and answer questions concerning cutting tool technologies. Topics include:

• What is the trend toward application-specific cutting tools?

• How can you reduce vibration in machining processes?

• Where and how does Industry 4.0/IIoT benefit cutting tools?

• How can selecting the right cutting tool increases a shop’s capacity without adding equipment?

• What is there to gain from re-evaluating current cutting tool with what’s available today?

• Beyond speeds, feeds, and tool life, how do you choose the right cutting tools?

Cutting tools play a significant role in machine tool productivity and the quality of part production. Attention needs to be given when selecting which cutting tool is right for the job or even the most current machining center will not achieve full potential. In addition, as advancements in cutting tool coatings and geometries continue, challenges with materials still exist.

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