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Enclosed linear encoders; Coolant-thru tooling.

March 21, 2022

Photos Courtesy: WIDIA

The WCE solid end milling platform delivers performance and reliability for small to medium machine shops working in steel, stainless steel, and cast-iron applications. The initial release of the WCE platform features WCE4, a four-flute geometry which combines advanced, high-performance features with a new, versatile grade.

Two key features of the tool are its asymmetrical index and variable helix. The combination of the two reduce vibrations and enable heavy cuts, while grade WU20PE enables its versatility. These design features, coupled with the four-flute geometry, deliver an end mill with reliable performance and application versatility in demanding operations such as full slots and heavy cuts.

The WCE platform includes four-flute, square-end, and ball nose end mills with both straight and Weldon shanks and is available in metric and inch dimensions. The WCE5 five-flute geometry will be released later in 2022.


Enclosed linear encoders

Photo Courtesy: Renishaw

FORTiS-S linear and FORTiS-N enclosed encoders enable machine tool builders to improve performance and increase uptime while enhancing the efficiency of assembly, maintenance, and servicing. The series is designed for use in harsh environments and can also be used in functional safety applications up to SiL2 and PLd.

The design is built upon the Resolute encoder technology and provides high resistance to the ingress of liquids and solid debris contaminants. It features an extruded enclosure with longitudinally attached interlocking lip seals and sealed end caps.

The read-head body is joined to a sealed optical unit by a blade, which travels through the lip seals along the length of the encoder. Linear axis movement causes the read-head and optics to traverse the encoder’s absolute scale, without mechanical contact.

Two different extrusion profiles are available to suit space requirements.

In addition to its extruded enclosure, encoders are protected against contamination by a further level of sealing; the read-head optical unit (which runs inside the enclosure) is itself sealed. Improved sealing of the encoder enclosure reduces air leakage from the air purge system, resulting in lower operating costs and greater system longevity.


Coolant-thru tooling

Photo Courtesy: Platinum Tooling Technologies Inc.

Heimatec, a live tools, angle, and multi-spindle drill heads provider, now offers a coolant-thru feature on their current line items.

Coolant-thru technology is often the answer for faster, cleaner cutting on larger and deeper parts, where the chips and excess heat build-up are significant challenges. High-pressure coolant-thru designs up to 1,000psi on straight and 2,000psi on angle head tools are available.

Platinum Tooling Technologies Inc.