USAF selects MSBAI for 'ECreate Before You Aviate'
MSBAI's CEO Allan Grosvenor, keynote at Big Compute, San Francisco, Feb. 2020.

USAF selects MSBAI for 'ECreate Before You Aviate'

Digital engineering company chosen for $1 million AFWERX SBIR contract.

MSBAI, an Air Force Techstars 2020 company, has been selected for an AFWERX Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase 2 contract in the 20.3 cycle, in which they will adapt their GURU cognitive artificial intelligence (AI) assistant to support the Air Force's digital transformation.

The U.S. Air Force (USAF) has a goal to reduce time to design new aerial platforms from more than a decade down to a single year, by scaling up the utilization of simulation in design and testing to an unprecedented level. The phrase “ECreate Before You Aviate” was coined to describe the opportunity to design, build, and test countless designs before building the physical system. Rather than "fly before you buy," digital engineering and management allows the USAF to reduce the real-world learning curve, the need for physical prototyping, and modifications between production blocks.

Air Force Secretary Barbara Barrett said "Digital engineering isn't an option … it's essential. It's faster, it's cheaper, it's better."

The problem is that numerous simulation packages used for aerodynamics, structures, combustion, and more – and the High Performance Computing (HPC) systems that run them – are each considered Ph.D.-level specialties.

Enter MSBAI, and their autonomous system for engineering simulation. MSBAI demonstrated GURU by setting up simulations in minutes that used to take humans hours. The USAF selected MSBAI’s winning proposal for AF Digital Engineering Pitch Day, entitled “GURU Owns the Modeling and Simulation Tech Stack.” GURU is a universal interface for simulation that allows untrained users to run specialized simulation software.

MSBAI's CEO, Allan Grosvenor, responded to the call, saying, "Simulation is regularly used by only about 1% of engineers, and the Air Force chose us to make it 100%."

MSBAI is a privately held small business located in Los Angeles, California.