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June 30, 2022

Photo credit: Index Traub

The latest generation G220 turn-mill center incorporates design principles introduced via the larger G320, G420, and G520 machines, providing flexibility to produce complex, small-to-medium-sized parts in a single setup.

The design begins with a rigid, vibration-damping machine bed in a mineral cast block design, combining optimal stability and damping properties with high dynamics and amply dimensioned linear guides in the X and Z axes.

A Z-axis slide with a motorized milling spindle and hydrodynamically mounted Y/B axis is arranged above the axis of rotation. The milling spindle is available with an HSK-T63 interface with specs of 12,000rpm, 60.3hp (49kW), and 53.1ft-lb (72N·m) at 25% DC or an HSK-T40 interface with specs of 18,000rpm, 25.5hp (19kW), and 22.1ft-lb (30N·m) at 25% DC. This facilitates a wide range of milling and drilling operations, and the machine is also capable of full 5-axis machining.

A tool magazine accommodating up to 139 tools feeds the milling spindle. In addition to the setup station at the front of the machine, the G220 offers access to the magazine’s two tool chains at the rear of the machine, allowing an operator to change tools on one chain while the other is in use.

Two tool turrets at the bottom of the machine’s workspace can move along the X-, Y- and Z-axes, and each of the turrets’ stations can be equipped with live tools.

Two identical, fluid-cooled spindles offer 38.9hp (29kW) and 104.7ft-lb (142N·m) at 100% DC. Each spindle provides a spindle clearance of 3.0" (76mm) and the machine accommodates a 35.4" (900mm) max. turning length.

The combination of large workspace and positioning of the spindles and turrets allows for simultaneous machining with the motorized milling spindle and both tool turrets at either spindle, without risking collision, for greater throughput and reduced cycle times.

Among the automation solutions for the G220, the MBL 76 bar loader offers damping properties and is electrically powered with no hydraulic components.

Optionally available is an integrated gantry loader with a double gripper or the iXcenter robot cell to load and unload flange or shaft-style parts.

A modified Siemens S 840D SL control offers user-friendly operation via INDEX’s iXpanel interface.

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