Triple-action draw press

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Custom workholding; Multi-spindle automatic lathe.

July 3, 2018

This custom-designed, triple-action draw press has a 600-ton capacity main ram/punch, 300-ton blankholder platen, and 125-ton cushion for drawing sheet metal into aerospace and aeronautical components.

An Allen-Bradley Panelview 1000 Plus electronic press control offers touchscreen setup of each cylinder for pressure, distance, speed, and dwell. Programs and up to 100 jobs are stored in the control. Closed-loop pressure control compensates for temperature variation and allows repeatable accuracy of ±2%.

Greenerd Press & Machine Co. Inc.
IMTS 2018 booth #236402

Custom workholding

Customized design and build options are being added to existing Fixture-Pro, Multi Axis, and other quick-change workholding products.

The Fixture-Pro modular workholding system encompasses subplates, risers, pallet changers, and top tooling combined in configurations to meet machining needs. Adding custom design and build provides solutions not possible using standard products, increasing manufacturing productivity.

Jergens Inc.
IMTS 2018 Booth #432154

Multi-spindle automatic lathe

The MS40-8 automatic lathe for high- volume precision work has eight CNC spindles – two back-working for rear machining – deploying up to 18 CNC X and Z slides and additional Y axes, if required.

The MS40-8 handles chuck parts or bar stock through the Index MBL40-8 bar loader. The 110mm chuck allows machining of pre-formed, forged, or extruded parts up to 80mm. For simple parts, the machine can be used as a double 4-spindle machine, cutting cycle times in half.

With the increased number of main spindles and tool carriers, the MS40C-8 can machine complex parts in one operation. Up to two pivoting synchronized spindles can work on up to seven rear end-machining tools: four of them can be live. Two rear machining tools can work simultaneously on the workpiece.

Each spindle is independently programmable, so it is possible to machine troublesome materials previously not suitable for multi-spindle machines. Speed changes are also possible during drum indexing, resulting in no additional downtime.

Live tools can be set up on the compound slides, allowing multiple machining operations, such as off-center drilling, thread cutting, inclined drilling, cross drilling, contour milling, hobbing, bevel gear cutting, and multi-edge turning.

Index Traub
IMTS 2018 Booth #338136