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Vacuum leak sensor; Horizontal machining center; Solid drilling; High voltage contactors.

September 26, 2019

The expanded Z-Carb HPR series of high-performance end mills for titanium and stainless steel include 320 tools in fractional diameters from 0.125" to 1" (6mm to 25mm). The Z-Carb HPR 5-flute roughing end mills achieve high metal removal rates while providing a smooth surface finish. The 5-flute design increases productivity compared to 3- and 4-flute end mills. Fifty-nine of the expanded items are Ti-Namite-M (TM) coated and feature new corner radius options. TM coating improves removal rates in difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium. Two hundred sixty-one of the expanded items will be Ti-Namite-A (TA) for materials such as stainless steel.

Kyocera SGS Precision Tools Inc. 

Vacuum leak sensor

The VLS 09 vacuum leak sensor now has a rechargeable battery to ensure a consistent vacuum level. A 102dB horn with a flashing red LED warning light activates if vacuum loss or leakage occurs.

Its power management logic operates independently from three power sources: a primary rechargeable onboard battery bank (OBB), secondary replaceable 9V titanium battery back-up (BBU), or optional AC charger which can recharge the OBB battery in 2 hours. The LCD display features color segmented onboard battery-level indicators, selectable units in kPa or inHg, and large digits. A VLS-AUX auxiliary alarm is available for noisy environments.

Anver Corp.

Horizontal machining center

The updated THPX63 II 4-axis horizontal machining center features a 54m/min rapid feed rate, a 70% improvement, for shorter cycle times. At 5,554mm x 3,530mm, its smaller footprint maximizes manufacturing facility space.

Capable of machining workpieces as large as 1,050mm x 1,050mm, the machining center has a 630mm square pallet size and a 1,200kg max. table load.

Mitsui Seiki USA Inc.

Solid drilling

KUB Trigon is a universal solid drill with a wide range of geometries and coatings. Bore tolerances up to H8 and good surface finish allow machining to finished dimensions without a separate fine machining operation.

Komet Ceratizit Group

High voltage contactors

Kilovac EV600 high voltage DC contactors for power, energy, and battery systems are rated for 600A, a 20% higher current carry rating, enabling 36% more current switching than legacy EV200 contactors. Bi-directional switching allows power switching in forward and reverse directions. Electronic, dual coil economization facilitates low holding power. Contactors are available with an auxiliary contact and 12V or 24V coils to match various power systems.

TE Connectivity