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Twin-spindle turning centers available with lower turrets; Boring insert selector; Digital readout system; Rotary latch series; Composite applications software; Multi-turn, with CNC; Gaging software system; Single operation drill, chamfer, thread mill; Self-clinching captive panel screws.

May 3, 2018

The Garant MasterTap offers high-performance cutting for steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and cast iron. Updated geometry and optimized flutes remove chips while avoiding winding chips and loose swarf.

When reversing in blind-hole machining, chips are sheared off via the tooth back and the chip roots are smoothed. Rounded cutting edges ensure defined and continuous wear behavior without breakouts, providing longer service life.

The AlTiX coating protects against premature wear and allows high cutting speeds because low friction values prevent material sticking and thread corrosion. Guide threads achieve precise results without axial slicing, even in ductile copper alloys.

Hoffman Group

Twin-spindle turning centers available with lower turrets

Puma SMX series, equipped with a lower turret, is a twin-spindle, multi-tasking turning center that completes complex parts in a single setup. The turret will be available on 10" chuck (Puma SMX2600ST) and 12" chuck (Puma SMX3100ST) models.

The spindles feature 0.0001° resolution on the C-axis for high precision contouring, and the 12,000rpm dedicated milling spindle features 0.0001° resolution contouring B-axis as well. A 11.8" (300mm) Y-axis stroke and an orthogonal X/Y structure improves part accuracy and machine accessibility.

A 12-station static tool turret is standard on SMX ST models, and a 5,000rpm milling turret is optional. The turret also accommodates steady rests, follow rests, tailstock centers, and two-jaw vises.

Doosan Machine Tools

Boring insert selector

The Boring Insert Selector simplifies boring insert selection and ensures suitable boring inserts for each job’s details. Users select job-specific criteria including roughing/finishing, shape, substrate, form, nose radius, and material to be machined. If users are unsure which nose radius to select, the tool provides tips on formulating. The tool also provides an image and link for more detailed information and pricing.

Allied Machine & Engineering Corp.

Digital readout system

The DRO100, DRO203, and DRO300 digital readout systems (DROs) implement software and hardware for milling, turning, grinding, and boring applications.

Once activated, the display values for the axis currently being moved are maximally enlarged by the dynamic zoom function, and users immediately see which axis is in motion.

Other features include improved file management where users can save and/or load firmware, configuration files, graphic files, and instruction manuals. A user management system is also included, and up to nine users can operate the DRO203 and DRO300 units.


Rotary latch series

Constructed of high-strength, corrosion- resistant stainless steel, the R4-30 rotary latch features a two-stage design that prevents false latching conditions in heavy- duty enclosure applications.

The rotary latch series can be concealed within an application, providing a clean exterior surface, no pry points, and push-to-close convenience for doors and panels. R4 rotary latches can be used as part of a complete system when joined with Southco’s mechanical actuators and cables.

Combined with R4 rotary latches and AC cables, AC-20 and R3-22 paddle-style actuators provide multiple points of actuation, allowing two connected rotary latches to be activated remotely by one actuator. Features include a rugged, contoured paddle design for enhanced grip, key locking security, and secure push-to-close functionality.


Composite applications software

Version 8.1 of Vericut Composite Programming (VCP) and Vericut Composite Simulation (VCS) program and simulate automated fiber placement and tape-laying machinery.

A laminate manager automates file management and processing for the entire laminate. A redesigned graphical interface, enhanced reports, laminate analysis tools, and advanced collision avoidance are included.

The simulated material applied to the layup form is measured and inspected to ensure the program follows manufacturing standards and requirements. Simulation results and statistical information reports are created automatically.


Multi-turn, with CNC

MultiTurn series’ flatbed design handles various turning applications. Gang tooling, quick-change tool posts, and automatic indexing turrets maximize productivity.

Equipped with the Fagor 8055 MC series CNC, the machine offers a simple approach for machining. Standard features of the 8055 include conversational programming and a G-code editor. High-resolution color LCD display, solid graphics with zoom, and a host of canned cycles – including a thread repair cycle – further simplifies operation. A tool inspection mode enables the program to stop and perform offset adjustments instantly and then re-start the CNC.

Clausing Industrial Inc.

Gaging software system

MarWin Millimar Cockpit Software and Millimar N 1700 Modules, an interactive MarWin-based gaging software and modular-based gaging system, allows users to quickly configure and implement simple-to-complex gaging solutions. Both offerings support custom or dedicated gaging solutions.

The input modules are stackable plug-and-play devices that are immediately recognized and implemented, so creating the measuring solution can be completed in minutes.

Gaging modules also allow multi-gage measuring devices to be designed and assembled for various applications.

Mahr Inc.

Milling cutters

ISO H Advance line of solid carbide milling cutters consists of seven cutter families tailored to the requirements of hard machining (up to 63HRC). Cutters include mini- and multi-flute, shoulder/slot, ball-nose, and high-feed milling cutters which cover the range of solid carbide milling. The WB10TG grade offers long tool life and surface quality, and its geometry yields high metal removal rates.

The cutters can be applied for large or small components and for various milling strategies. Its properties make these milling cutters for hard machining useful for medium-sized batches and high-quality requirements.

Walter USA LLC

Single operation drill, chamfer, thread mill

The MT Drill can drill, chamfer, and thread mill a hole in a single operation. Constructed of solid carbide, the two-fluted drill/thread milling cutter, with 45° chamfering, reduces cycle times by combining operations and eliminating tool changes.

It has right- and left-hand internal threads, and the same tool can be used for blind or through-hole drilling. The optimized carbide grade is suitable for aluminum and cast iron and produces a high-quality thread surface.

Featuring internal coolant, the MT tool is constructed for long life throughout multiple applications.

Carmex Precision Tools LLC

Self-clinching captive panel screws

PFC4 self-clinching captive panel screws install permanently into stainless steel enclosures. Spring-loaded fastener assemblies comply with UL 60950 equipment access standards.

PFC4 captive panel screws fit into stainless sheets as thin as 0.060" (1.53mm) with hardness up to HRB 88. A shoulder provides a positive stop during installation, and the fastener ultimately flushes on the opposite side of the sheet for a clean and unmarred appearance. A fully recessed head in the fastened position allows for tool-only access.