Swift Tactical Systems expands VTOL UAS capabilities
American Made Swift021 VTOL UAS in flight during a 40-mile endurance flight at +10,000 ft density altitude.
Swift Tactical Systems

Swift Tactical Systems expands VTOL UAS capabilities

Swift021’s long-range and high-altitude performance enhanced with Silvus radios at the SLVUAS Test Site in Colorado.

San Clemente, California-based Swift Tactical Systems, a subsidiary of Swift Engineering, recently completed more than two dozen flights at Leach Field (1V8), Alamosa County, Colorado, to collect data on the high-altitude density performance of the Swift021 VTOL UAS to validate real-world capabilities.

The Swift Tactical Systems team testing low-level ELOS and video transmission with the Silvus StreamCaster radios.

Swift021 VTOL Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) high-density altitude capabilities:

• Demonstrated operations during 40-mile endurance flight at +10,000ft density altitude

• More than two dozen flights

• Testing of low-level ELOS and video transmission with the Silvus radios

"To meet the needs of our customers, we are required to fly in many high-density altitude areas, such as high-elevation, hot and humid regions, and mountainous terrains. These positive performance tests have proven the Swift021 VTOL UAS will take-off, transition, perform with precision, and land accurately at +10,000 ft density altitude. This is a huge step in expanding the flight envelope of the Swift021," said Alex Echeverria, Vice President of Swift Tactical Systems.

"As temperatures go up, performance will decrease. As altitude goes up, performance will decrease. As humidity in the air increases, performance will decrease. With any of these, performance will be bad, but if you have all of them at the same time, performance will be even worse.

"Silvus StreamCaster radios give us the ability to confidently and reliably stream video and data back to the ground station time and time again, even in challenging conditions and austere environments. So it's nice not to have to worry about that," Echeverria added.

As Swift Tactical Systems continues to improve upon the capabilities of the Swift021 UAS, they can support longer range and higher altitudes missions. These extended capabilities are being used as Swift Tactical Systems continues to support The Bahamas Ministry of National Security in extending their UAS program designed to provide better support for their police, defense force, and customs operations throughout the island chain.

"Leveraging Swift's 35-year pedigree of advanced vehicles and systems, Swift Tactical Systems offers a complete UAS suite with unmatched flexibility, quality, and safety. In addition, Swift Tactical Systems' diverse portfolio of services and products focused on intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) to enhance situational awareness, allowing our customers to make better-informed decisions during time-critical missions," says Rick Heise, President & CEO of Swift Tactical Systems.

The Swift021 transitional VTOL UAS uses patented X-blade Technology to vertically take-off and land in any 50ft x50ft space. The Swift021 is fully electric, provides a flight endurance of up to 2 hours and an operational range of +40 miles. Designed and built in the USA, the Swift021 meets conventional military standards for ruggedness and reliability. In addition, the Swift021 is a fully modular unmanned system that allows for interchangeable batteries, parts, and payloads for greater flexibility, performance, and safety.

Privately held and headquartered in Los Angeles, Silvus Technologies develops advanced technologies that are reshaping broadband wireless connectivity for mission-critical applications.

UAS Colorado, a non-profit industry association, and Alamosa County, Colorado maintain an 8,000 square-mile high altitude UAS Test Site, with terrain elevations ranging from 7,500ft to over 14,000ft and terrain diversity from wetlands to desserts and open flat agricultural lands to extremely rough challenging mountainous terrain.