Sumitomo to ally with Bell in air mobility industry
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Sumitomo to ally with Bell in air mobility industry

Aim to integrate technologies from several companies without limitation in industries.


Sumitomo Corp. of Americas is allying with Fort Worth, Texas-based Bell, a provider of vertical lift aircraft and one of the companies in the up-and-coming air mobility industry. Together, Sumitomo Corp. and Bell will conduct market research, improve upon existing technologies and build new businesses to provide high-quality services at affordable prices within the air mobility space.

The air mobility industry is expected to improve the current transportation infrastructure and logistics of commercial air space. Once implemented, air mobility will reduce transportation time within urban cities and improve access to remote areas. This change is also expected to improve emergency transportation and change the way goods are shipped. Today, most air travel is done via traditional rotorcraft; however, by supplying low-cost air mobility, there exists the possibility to change how we think of our daily transportation.

"Bell continuously seeks new ways to advance our aircraft and provide fast, comfortable travel solutions to consumers while giving them access to remote and challenging destinations," said Chad Sparks, director of Bell's Technology and Innovation Strategic Campaigns. "We are excited to partner with Sumitomo Corp. to explore new forms of technology and change the way our passengers and goods are transported."

Sumitomo Corp. and Bell will soon begin discussions for launching Bell's Unmanned Drones and Air Taxi aircraft services by the mid-2020s. In order to develop this business, Sumitomo Corp. and Bell aim to integrate various technologies from several companies without limitation in industries. The goal of this business is to provide new value to society by creating new logistics and transportation service with electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft.

To develop the innovative transportation service, Sumitomo Corp. aims to invent new technology and the next generation mobility service.

Sumitomo Corp. Group consists of more than 900 companies with nearly 70,000 employees and greater than $68 billion in total assets. Its core business units are Metal Products, Transportation & Construction Systems, Environment & Infrastructure, Media, Network, Lifestyle Related Goods & Real Estate, Mineral Resources, Energy and Chemical & Electronics.