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LillyWorks’ Protected Flow Manufacturing scheduling software improves on-time deliveries and customer service.


Small aerospace parts manufacturers must deliver on time, every time. Poor delivery performance can impact the major contractors they supply and jeopardize the contracts they receive. Worse, major contractors and the Department of Defense (DOD) grade aerospace parts makers on meeting delivery deadlines. Accurate, realistic scheduling is essential.

However, traditional scheduling techniques are often an obstacle. Many shops organize their production to maximize capacity, filling as many machines and people with work as possible. Unfortunately, prioritizing productivity often misses true priorities – parts that need to leave the shop to make it to a customer on time.

Traditional scheduling systems play back a static schedule calculated at an earlier time. On the other hand, Protected Flow Manufacturing (PFM) software from LillyWorks examines each available production order and determines which cannot afford to wait longer. Users create a framework for each job that includes manufacturing steps needed to complete the part and due date for shipment. The system minimizes work in production (WIP), simplifying operations. Jobs stay off of the job floor, entering WIP only as they gain priority as the due date approaches.

Cloud-based PFM simulates the effect of issues that impact resource capacity and material availability that are likely to occur in the future – machine bottlenecks, personnel constraints, equipment issues. It uses bill of material, production routing, available capacity, and inventory data to present solutions that allow the user to adapt to the issues that occur. Together, execution and predictive capabilities enable custom, make-to-order manufacturers to deliver to their customers as originally promised.

Benefits include:

  • Reduce WIP 30% to 40%
  • Shorten manufacturing lead times
  • Improve on-time delivery

The system augments existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. PFM integrates with most ERP systems, taking over the scheduling function while the larger program handles cost, financials, and inventory control.

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