Solid ceramic end mills

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4-flute cutting geometry offers higher productivity.

March 9, 2021

XSYTIN-360 end mills combine a phase-toughened ceramic XSYTIN-1 substrate with a cutting geometry offering 10x higher productivity compared to current solid carbide or ceramic products.

XSYTIN-1 ceramic material exhibits high wear and thermal shock resistance, making XSYTIN-360 end mills highly predictable, versatile, and high-performing. They’ve shown high material removal rates and increasing productivity on a range of materials, including high-temperature alloys, 3D-printed sintered high-temperature alloys, hardened steels, ductile cast irons, and compacted graphite iron (CGI). In hardened steels, the tool life of XSYTIN-360 end mills match high-performance carbide end mills when run at high speeds (11,460rpm), while also removing more than 73in3 (1,200cm3) of material.

Suitable for machining materials in the aerospace, automotive, die & mold, and power generation industries, XSYTIN-360 inch and metric end mills are available now.

Greenleaf Corp.