Solar Atmospheres of Western PA celebrates AS9100 anniversary
Melissa Gruszka prepares for AS9100 audit virtually with Ed Engelhard, vice president of corporate quality at Solar Atmospheres.
Solar Atmospheres

Solar Atmospheres of Western PA celebrates AS9100 anniversary

Successful, remote audit during pandemic marks 13 years of commitment to excellence.

July 23, 2020

Solar Atmospheres of Western PA celebrated 13 years of AS9100 certification. Like the complexities of ever-changing customer needs, 2020 proves to be challenging businesses. Impacts to daily routines, course of business, personal liberties, and even audit scopes bear the brunt of ushering in a new era. 

This new era is intricately woven with COVID-19, populous instability, and intertwined with increasingly stringent standards, revised industry specifications, and customer requirements. 

Even with these new complexities, Solar passed this milestone for more than a decade of accreditation without any major findings. The live audit was conducted for the very first time using a combination of email, telephone, and video conferencing to grade Solar’s quality management system (QMS) on recent aerospace work. The comprehensive review addressed recent events as risk and Solar’s response as effective.

Melissa Gruszka, quality manager and recent addition to Solar Atmospheres of Western PA, states, “We have a great team that can pull together, under any circumstances, to get work done. Solar maintains the highest standards by keeping safety, quality, and efficiency in check and our customers in the foreground. Solar exercises a proven value system, integral to society, and empowers people, shaping a bright future.”