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IIoT connectivity and efficiency for EDM processing; Electric-actuated gaging solutions for grinders; Indexable insert drill; Side milling ISO S cutters; Top-load parts washer; Precision tool presetter; Virtual calculator tallies savings; Shopfloor Manager in TDM; Resource planning solution; Ceramic grinding technology; MCC machine series.

February 27, 2018

GoProbe technology, embedded in Renishaw macro-based software packages, simplifies machine tool probes and tool setters. The app’s single-line command programming format allows users to select required cycles from a menu and populate a series of data entry fields.

Supporting spindle probes and tool setters, installation of the app supports code generation for a range of machine tool configurations and control types, and can switch to any language.

The Trigger Logic app simplifies customization of Renishaw probe settings.

Suitable for use with optical and radio probes, it can acquire and partner with radio probes in conjunction with combined radio interface and receiver units.

Renishaw Inc.

IIoT connectivity and efficiency for EDM processing

The HyperConnect machine networking app facilitates machine-to-machine and machine-to-PC virtual connectivity.

A suite of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications for electrical discharge machines (EDMs) enhances user experience and efficiency and reduces machine downtime. Available on all Makino EDMs equipped with Hyper-i control systems, HyperConnect allowing monitoring and control of EDM processes from PCs, smart devices, or other Hyper-i control systems on the network.

The HyperConnect suite boasts EDM mail, machine viewer, machine-to-machine viewer, and PC viewer, allowing personnel to monitor, plan, and troubleshoot EDM operations. EDM Mail supports unattended operation, while the PC Viewer can eliminate non-production motion.


Electric-actuated gaging solutions for grinders

An electro-mechanical system updates E-Fenar measuring systems, electro-mechanical slides, and grinding tool arms managed by the Marposs BLÚ single cable integrated control system.

Electro-mechanical solutions offer better control of the process and reduce maintenance time and costs. They also can run at higher rates to better control acceleration/deceleration and consistent speed rates. An electric system eliminates piping, hoses, filters, and most lubricant for ease of maintenance.

Positioning can be optimized through the E-Fenar control, and the gage can conduct several checks on a part without requiring a full stroke to clear.

Linear E-Slides – available in 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 130mm, 170mm, and 200mm strokes – can reduce cycle time and improve part quality.

Marposs Corp.

Indexable insert drill

The TungSix-Drill indexable insert drill incorporates double-sided, triangular inserts with six effective cutting edges. Optimized rake angles and chipbreakers on both sides of the insert provide the same light cutting action as a single-sided, positive insert.

The AH3135 high fracture resistant grade consists of a tough carbide substrate and multiple layers of coatings to withstand high vibrations, ensuring long tool life.

Increasing the number of cutting edges and extending tool life, provides efficient cost-per-insert economics.

Tungaloy America Inc.

Side milling ISO S cutters

Enhancing milling performance on ISO S materials, CoroMill Plura high-feed side milling (HFS) ISO S cutters reliably machine titanium and nickel-based alloys.

The CoroMill Plura HFS range comprises two end mill families optimized for titanium alloys, and one for nickel alloys. For titanium, a solid version supports normal chip evacuation, and an internal coolant version with a new cooling booster optimizes swarf and temperature control.

End mills for titanium are available in GC1745 grade, based on a tough, fine-grained, cemented-carbide substrate with sharp, controlled edges for tough milling operations. A multi-layer coating that contains silicon provides wear resistance and low thermal conductivity. The cutters’ geometry is based on a 6-flute concept with no center cut and uneven tooth pitch.

For nickel alloys, grade GC1710 is deployed, featuring sharp, controlled cutting edges. A hard, wear-resistant, fine-grained substrate is optimized to resist high working loads when machining hard, highly adhesive, work-hardened materials. A coating produced with innovative high-power impulse magnetron sputtering (HIPIMS) technology also offers adhesion-reducing properties to avoid the formation of built-up edge (BUE) and increase tool life.

Sandvik Coromant

Top-load parts washer

Renegade Model TLT Dual 1615 Tumbler Parts Washers feature a rotating tumbler operation for batches of small machined parts, fasteners, components, bolts, and nuts.

The solvent-free system cleans small parts and components covered with grease, oil, or lubricants. The wash zone features dual gear-driven rotating cylinder baskets, combined with spray nozzles, to deliver high-pressure, high-temperature cleaning. Automation features include PLC programmable wash-cycle and heater timers.

Service Line Inc.

Precision tool presetter

The SST 4200 tool presetter equips shops with improved precision through tool measurement accuracy of ±0.003mm (±0.00012"), and features to eliminate human error.

Heavy-duty aircraft aluminum construction reduces errors caused by thermal expansion. Actuated clamping of tool holders on the spindle provides measurement accuracy with spindle concentricity of 0.002mm (0.000079'').

The tool presetter captures and measures critical features of the tool cutting edge in the micron range. Automatic X-, Z-, and C- axis and an auto-focusing camera enable fast measurement, setting, and testing. Touch-screen CNC controls provide easy access to tool data, photographs, drawings, and 3D images via a scalable tool management system.

Single Source Tech

Virtual calculator tallies savings

With a virtual calculator, manufacturers can find out in real time how much money they will save with a Renishaw REVO 2 5-axis scanning probe. The Revolution LM is designed around the REVO 2 which is equipped with an RVP vision probe. The RVP provides non-contact vision measurements on a 5-axis platform with infinite positioning.

In the time it takes to plug in basic data – current inspection method, average number of inspections per hour, and average inspection time (minutes) –manufacturers can test their production parameters against the REVO-equipped LM. The screen can be refreshed for multiple uses with different data combinations.

AIMS Metrology

Shopfloor Manager in TDM

2017 Global Line records the entirety of a tool’s circulation, from planning for tool assembly, presetting and tool use at the machine, to disassembling, and the modular design offers easy individualized configuration.

For example, many companies combine assembly and presetting together in a tool room. With this module, the tool room cost center can be represented, and all necessary actions summarized on a single screen. It is also possible to assign a presetting to a machine in the configuration.

TDM Shopfloor Manager also includes a to-do list, enabling the operator to tick off each task step by step. Additional tasks are added to the list at the appropriate stages of the process.

Shopfloor Manager is fully integrated into TDM Tool Crib Module Global Line’s inventory management system, allowing a tool assembly can also be managed in secondary cribs near the machines.

TDM Systems

Resource planning solution

Updates to the Epicor ERP enterprise resource planning suite include mobile field service automation (FSA), customer relationship management (CRM), and business intelligence and visual analytics capabilities. Data discovery features support on-demand data exploration to identify real-time operational and business performance insights.

Updates also include smart inventory planning and optimization, and new country and industry-specific functionality.

Mobile CRM syncs and updates with Epicor ERP in real time, enabling access to information such as real-time stock status and customer credit availability.

Epicor Software Corp.

Ceramic grinding technology

Advantage premium Type 29 discs are 70% lighter than conventional grinding wheels, offering faster and safer grinding options.

The ceramic grain combined with the proprietary backing creates a disc with the toughness of a grinding wheel and the rapid material removal of a resin fiber disc. The Type 29 shape provides greater disc contact on the work surface to improve metal removal speed.

Advantage is contaminant-free Fe + S + Cl <0.1% and is engineered for stainless steel and carbon steel. This disc is suitable for weld bead removal, surface grinding, deburring, chamfering, and beveling. It is available in 4.5" and 5.0" discs sizes in 36 grit for fast stock removal, and 50 grit for a more refined surface finish.

Rex-Cut Abrasives

MCC machine series

The MCC machine series is equipped with 1,100mm x 900mm x 1,100mm axis travel, addressing 4-axis and 5-axis needs and fitting most machining applications and materials.

It features a rigid, highly dynamic A-axis concept with a 30kW motor spindle, (100% duty rated), and has a large swivel range for maximum flexibility. It is available with up to 10,000rpm and has a low-end torque of 300Nm.

An easy access twin pallet makes it ideal for loading via overhead crane or gantry without compromise for payloads up to 1,500kg. High-torque machining addresses the geared spindle 4-axis MCC, with 41kW and 1,300Nm of power.

By providing networked status information, the users’ central data systems can organize production and maintenance in a predictive manner, reducing downtime and increasing machine availability.

The machine can be used for digital networking in self-organizing production processes and can be integrated into the customer's manufacturing execution system (MES) infrastructure.

Burkhardt + Weber LLC