IMTS 2022 Conference: Smart Technology Systems – The New Eyes and Ears of Manufacturing
Smart Technology Systems with Caron Engineering
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IMTS 2022 Conference: Smart Technology Systems – The New Eyes and Ears of Manufacturing

Learn how smart technology such as RFID tool management and adaptive tool monitoring is changing the world of manufacturing.

June 22, 2022

About the presentation
For this presentation, we’ll discuss the innovative technology and collective solutions changing the face of manufacturing. From RFID tool management to adaptive tool monitoring to automated tool compensation and offset adjustment, we’ll discuss the data-driven solutions available to optimize and automate each step of the manufacturing process. Some of the immediate benefits from implementing the technologies for discussion include process automation and unmanned operations, error elimination, setup and cycle time reduction, real-time monitoring of all tools, data analysis, and shop floor connectivity.

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Meet your presenter
In 1986, after working in the CNC machining industry for many years, President Rob Caron, (P.E.), identified a gap in the CNC tool monitoring and machine control market. He started his own company in the basement of his home to pursue the development of these conceptual technologies. Caron Engineering has a 12,000ft2 facility with more than 35 employees, and a dynamic product line of smart manufacturing solutions that are unmatched in the industry.

About the company
At Caron Engineering, our mission is to transcend the industry standard by developing advanced sensor and monitoring technology to optimize performance, productivity, and profitability. As an employee-owned entity (ESOP), we work together to bring the best possible service and quality to our customers. It’s our goal to provide leading smart manufacturing solutions to reduce cycle times, promote unattended operation, drive down tooling costs, and minimize expensive damage to machines and work-holding. Our people are in the business of developing “Adaptive Solutions for the Future of Manufacturing” through strong leadership, foresight, and diligence. At Caron Engineering, innovation is what drives us.