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Benchtop horizontal digital video comparators; Direct-drive spindle CNC machine.

August 15, 2019

iglide polymer slewing ring bearings (PRT) have sliding elements between the inner and outer bearing rings made of aluminum or stainless steel. Maintenance-free sliding elements made of iglide J plastic minimize friction and wear without lubrication. The high-performance plastic withstands up to 35MPa surface pressure. Electrostatic discharge (ESD)-compliant versions are available.

The PRT-04 range of slewing ring bearings for medium loads is 50% smaller in installation height, 60% lighter, and can reduce costs up to 20%. They are suitable for automation, stage technology, and control panels.

PRT-04 slewing ring bearings are available from stock with inner diameters of 50mm to 300mm. Accessories include drive pin, variable rotation limit, and toothed ring up to the clamping lever.

Test data incorporated in the iglide PRT slewing ring configurator allows users to select the proper slewing ring bearing and calculate the application’s service life.

Westec 2019 Booth #923

Benchtop horizontal digital video comparators

HDV300 and HDV400 benchtop Digital Video Comparators’ CNC motion enables greater user measurement throughput. At 10mm/sec., speed on the Y-axis is 3x faster, and X-axis speed is almost 2x faster at 45mm/sec. Improved LED ring lighting provides more consistent illumination.

The computer and M3 controller have minimal external wiring and connections. An optional clean air kit keeps airborne dust and contaminants out of the measuring system and control electronics.

The workstage design features a 21" x 5" top plate, 12" x 6" of travel, and 110 lb workload capacity. Other options are a swing-away backlight for large parts, an APT60 rotary positioning device, thread measurement software, and calibration tools. Linear glass scales provide 0.00002" (0.5µm) of resolution to read stage motion.

MetLogix M3 touch-screen software with M3 DXF/FOV option pack can import DXF files via networks and make automatic 2D go/no-go comparisons to an engineering design using video edge detection, without Mylar overlays. This increases measurement throughput while eliminating operator subjectivity. Geometric 2D functions include points, lines, circles, arcs, rectangles, distance, slots, angles, and skew.

Field-of-view (FOV) measurements can encompass parts up to 2.47" x 1.85" and can integrate with stage motion to measure larger parts. The HDV is also available with 6.5:1 zoom, bayonet-mounted optics that can be changed in seconds.

A 24" touch-screen monitor displays a live video image of the part, geometry tools, and digital readings. The part image can be resized using pan and zoom, and measurements are taken by simply tapping the screen.

The L.S. Starrett Co.
Westec 2019 Booth #2003

Direct-drive spindle CNC machine

VMXDi series CNC machines use Hurco’s control with WinMax software and the UltiMotion motion system that supports conversational programming; NC programming; and Hurco-specific NC/Conversational Merge to optimize efficiency.

UltiMotion reduces cycle time and improves surface-finish quality by determining the optimal trajectory to run the tool, providing consistent programmed feed rates. With up to 10,000 blocks of dynamic variable look ahead, UltiMotion can adapt as required by the tool path, achieving cornering velocity 2.5x faster than conventional motion. UltiMotion improves upon CAM output with better handling of machine mechanics and dynamics.

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