Sinker EDM

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August 1, 2022

Photo credit: MC Machinery

With artificial intelligence (AI) adaptive control technology, the SV12P sinker EDM takes guesswork out of estimating machining time. AI makes logical use of condition-monitoring data, diagnosing real-time problems within the burn and directly modifying specific parameters for a stable and accurate output. This allows machine operators of all experience levels to produce quality results in complex cavities and shapes. Because the technology analyzes current sensor data to determine optimal conditions, it reduces overall electrode wear and costs. By monitoring these parameters, the machine operates more efficiently and can more accurately predict machining times.

The machine’s Thermal Buster thermal displacement compensation system enables tight-tolerances and machining exotic materials. The compact SV12P comes with smart machining technologies. MAISART AI technology and a connection to cloud-based remote360 machine monitoring can improve productivity up to 30%, shorten machining time up to 50%, reduce waste, and protect from costly maintenance and downtime due to electrode wear.

The machine comes with the M800 series control, granting access to useful data and hidden insights. The 19" touchscreen enables the user to swipe, pinch, and tap to view, making it an easy way to increase productivity and help keep track of production jobs.

At IMTS, the SV12P will be outfitted with Erowa Robot Compact 80 milling and sinker automation.

MC Machinery