Shop-Floor Connectivity Webinar

Shop-Floor Connectivity Webinar

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September 10, 2020

Shop-floor connectivity continues to revolutionize manufacturing from high-volume, low-mix facilities down to lot-size-one shops. Digitally connected machine tools, motion systems, metrology systems, robots, Industry 4.0 technologies, and expanded use of machine vision have become critical in allowing shops to gain real-time visibility on product performance. Connected manufacturers are now better equipped to make prediction outcomes and adjust operations to changing conditions. During our roundtable event, hear from a panel of experts who discuss trends and answer readers’ specific questions concerning shop-floor connectivity.

Topics will include:

• How software, metrology, networking, and automation can cut costs and boost uptime

• How to tackle challenges and define opportunities within your digital transformation

• The human-machine partnership

• Leveraging collected data to improve performance

• How industry 4.0/IIoT can help you prepare for the future more

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