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Live tool speed multipliers; Rough, mirror-finish face milling cutter.

June 30, 2022

Photo credits: WENZEL America Ltd.

The SF 87 coordinate measuring machine (CMM) features a small footprint and multi-sensor capability easily integrated into a manufacturing process near-line or inline using the WENZEL Automation Interface (WAI). It offers 5-axis measuring technology and temperature compensation for workshop and production use.

High travel speeds and accelerations ensure high productivity. Tactile probes paired with optical sensors increase measuring efficiency and ensure process control.

WENZEL America Ltd.
IMTS 2022 Booth #135712

Live tool speed multipliers

Axial milling and drilling head style speed multiplier from Heimatec, ER 16 variation.
Photo credits: Platinum Tooling Technologies Inc.

A line of 1:4 live tool speed multipliers in 24,000rpm max. styles are available for all popular live tool lathes. The speed multipliers are provided as axial [shown] or radial drilling and milling heads, with either external or internal coolant design and mounting configurations to suit many machine tool turret setups, including all VDI and BMT sizes.

Speed multipliers for Haas and Nakamura machines are in stock with others in production for short lead time deliveries.

Platinum Tooling Technologies Inc.
IMTS 2022 Booth #432245

heimatec GmbH

Rough, mirror-finish face milling cutter

Photo credits: YG-1 Tool Co.

The FM10 PNMU provides high-productivity rough face milling and outstanding surface finishes with the same indexable inserts and cutter. With 10 cutting edges, the FM10 achieves 30% higher feed rates than typical 45° face mills, achieving surface finishes in the low double-digit (or better) Ra – well beyond what other roughing cutters can do.

For instance, the FM10 produced a finish of ~Ra 22µin at a 79.1in3/min MMR. With the same cutter and inserts, it proceeded to produce a brilliant finish of Ra 6.2µin.

YG-1 Tool Co.
IMTS 2022 Booth #431400