Shaft measurement systems

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May 3, 2018

TurnCheck automatic optical measurement systems quickly measure shafts, cylinders, and other turned, ground, or extruded parts up to 180mm diameter x 800mm long. One-button turnkey measurement of cylindrical parts is possible, even on the shop floor. Integral thermal compensation minimizes adverse effects of temperature variation on measurement accuracy.

Typical parts measured include engine shafts, drive and gear shafts, engine valves, pin hubs, screws and bolts, and fittings.

The movable tailstock can be operated with one hand for precision mechanical workpiece alignment. A live tailstock is optional, as are workholding kits to accommodate workpieces without centers.

Optics produce distortion-free images across the full field of view, providing telecentric images and preventing stray light that could influence measurements from entering the optical field. Constant-wavelength LED illumination optics are matched with imaging optics to supply collimated light for optimal part backlighting, optimizing measurement.

TurnCheck software supports measurement of diameters, lengths, distances, angles, radii, form, position, cylindricity, and runout – and even compares dimensions directly to CAD.

Advanced image analysis and automatic feature extraction find and measure part features in a single scan. With 100mm/sec vertical scans, the system offers fast, precise measurement without programming, with or without a CAD model. It provides integral geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) and best-fitting, and outputs point data for external analysis or reverse engineering.

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