Rollomatic appoints new applications, service team leader

Rollomatic appoints new applications, service team leader

Daniel Franklin is the new service/applications team leader at Rollomatic’s North American head office in Mundelein, Illinois.

March 11, 2016

Mundelein, Illinois – Rollomatic Inc., a subsidiary of Rollomatic Holding Switzerland, is appointing Daniel Franklin as the new service/applications team leader at the North American head office in Mundelein, Illinois.

Rollomatic is a builder of CNC tool/cutter and peel grinding machines as well as laser cutting machines based in Le Landeron, Switzerland. Their headquarters in Mundelein offers a state-of-the-art machine demonstration and customer support facility. Sister company, Strausak Inc., is located in the same building.

Franklin started his career at the Rollomatic factory in Switzerland in 1999. He relocated with his wife and three children to the U.S. in 2014 and has been an effective and industrious applications engineer at Rollomatic USA in Mundelein. He will take over the team leader’s position with immediate effect. His predecessor, Mac MacKenna, transitioned into a sales manager position in the North East. Franklin’s responsibilities will include leading a team of 10 applications and field service engineers and he will be accountable for all activities relating to test grinding, applications R&D and machine installation as well as all aspects of field and in-house machine service.

Franklin was born in the UK and relocated with his parents to the French-speaking part of Switzerland in his early years. Franklin initially worked in the machine assembly at the Swiss factory. He was soon promoted into the position of applications engineer due to his innate ability to learn new skills. Franklin was

highly regarded as a quick-learner and diligent worker, and rose to be one of Rollomatic’s senior applications engineers.

After relocating to the USA, Franklin was a senior applications engineer in Mundelein. During his extensive travels in North America, he became very familiar with the techniques and methods that are prevalent in U.S. manufacturing. His widespread experience in the cutting tool field and CNC grinding machines made him an ideal candidate for this position. His support-oriented customer approach and his strategic mindset will benefit the team and enhance the effectiveness of Rollomatic in the competitive field of selling high-end CNC grinding machines.

“Daniel’s impressive track record working for Rollomatic and his ability to communicate and relate to people make him the ideal leader. Such qualities are key to expanding the brand name and drive the ever-evolving new technologies of the company.

We fully expect that his talents will support the profitable growth of our business”, said Eric Schwarzenbach, president of Rollomatic Inc.

Source: Rollomatic Inc.