Rocket Factory Augsberg officials sign two MOU

Rocket Factory Augsberg officials sign two MOU

RFA joins forces with Lúnasa for in-orbit services, Morpheus Space for propulsion technology.

November 19, 2021

Lúnasa Ltd. and Rocket Factory Augsburg AG (RFA) have jointly signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in the field of space logistics to offer small satellite customers flexible, cost-effective launch services.

The MOU reflects a mutual desire to work closely together to facilitate the launch of small satellites into their final operational orbit. The RFA ONE launch vehicle, developed by RFA, will be used to deliver the reusable orbital transfer vehicle (OTV) named VIA to near-earth orbit as well as provide resupply flights.

“From the beginning, we designed our RFA ONE to be compatible with other transfer vehicles. Lúnasa's reusable “VIA” are optimal complements to our own launch vehicle technology and allow us to offer our launch services in an even more diversified and tailored way," says RFA CEO Dr. Stefan Tweraser.

"Lúnasa and RFA's objectives are well aligned in the desire to enable SMEs, universities and other entities to innovate and provide services and technologies otherwise dominated by larger companies due to prohibitive cost of access to space. We believe this will remove some of the barriers to entry and stimulate the space market with even more competitive and cutting-edge products whilst creating more jobs," says Lúnasa Founder and CEO Amin Chabi.

Morpheus, RFA sign MOU
Morpheus Space, which offers scalable, efficient propulsion systems enabling autonomous mobility in space, and RFA jointly signed a MOU for cooperation in the field of propulsion technology.

RFA, Morpheus Space MOU signing.

RFA intends to integrate Morpheus propulsion systems into the orbital stage of its RFA ONE launch vehicle system to improve its overall performance and sustainability. The RFA ONE is expected to launch up to 50 times a year in the future, delivering satellites into near-Earth orbit quickly and reliably at a competitive price point.

Dr. Stefan Brieschenk, Chief Operating Officer at RFA: "Morpheus' electric propulsion systems are leading the way: in-space propulsion systems with an unprecedented price/performance ratio will set new standards."

Daniel Bock, co-founder and CEO at Morpheus Space, says, “Through integrating our electric propulsion systems, we are able to provide a network of small, highly efficient thrusters that are also cost effective. As we approach a defining era of space, access to space mobility technologies has to be a necessary part of every exhibition.”