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The Pacific Northwest Aerospace Association shares how to unlock potential in a changing aerospace industry at ADVANCE/2020.

November 26, 2019

Photo: PNAA

When Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance (PNAA) hosts ADVANCE/2020, its 19th annual conference in February, the emphasis will be on helping aerospace suppliers look for the window of opportunities in a vastly changing aerospace industry. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), top industry analysts, and tier suppliers will present global market outlooks, collaboration success stories, and best practices.

Brian Canfield, PNAA’s new CEO, explains what attendees and sponsors can expect.

Aerospace Manufacturing & Design (AM&D): What’s this year’s theme?

Brian Canfield (BC): “Plug into Potential: Harnessing Opportunity in Aerospace” focuses on the increasing change in the industry and how suppliers can maximize results. We are seeing advancements in digital manufacturing methods, changes in workforce and workplace culture, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), new industry segments, and geopolitical variables. With these changes come opportunities for companies to increase efficiency, productivity, and their customer base. It’s an exciting time, as these changes will fuel new ways of thinking and new approaches to production, ushering in the next era of aerospace manufacturing.

AM&D: Why attend the conference?

BC: Updates on key topics and leading industry intelligence allow companies to make strategic choices to get ahead. We are seeing consolidation, new entrants, and growing segments that operate differently from traditional aerospace companies. We will cover the latest on workforce, the importance of the space industry, a mid-market aircraft update, and emerging markets.

AM&D: Who are the presenters?

BC: Back by popular demand, market analysts Dr. Kevin Michaels of AeroDynamic Advisory and Richard Aboulafia of Teal Group will share their insights on where the aerospace market is headed. We also will have speakers from Boeing and Airbus, Tier 1s, and other industry authorities throughout the three days. We will host speakers from space and autonomous segments as well as panelists sharing about M&A, workforce, geopolitics, and advanced manufacturing technologies.

AM&D: What’s the best way to attend?

BC: First, register on our website and plan your agenda. You can fly into Sea-Tac Airport, rent a car, or take Uber or Lyft to Lynnwood. Alaska and United Airlines now offer passenger flights to nearby Paine Field in Everett, Washington. Hotel block and other information is on the website.


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