PAG, UTAS sign helicopter servo MRO, distribution deal

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Keystone Turbine Services wins AMGH engine support contract; Wireless handheld gage.

April 3, 2018

The Precision Aviation Group Inc. (PAG) will distribute main and tail rotor components from UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS) for the Airbus AS350 helicopter [marketed as the H125 AStar in N. America]. The maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) agreement covers worldwide distribution of new and overhauled line- replaceable units (LRUs), authorization to repair servos at multiple PAG facilities, and marketing of the Fleet Improvement Program (FIP).

“PAG’s global network and substantial investment in the UTAS main and tail rotor servos will make it easier for Airbus AS350 operators to access spares in real time, ultimately minimizing aircraft downtime,” says Ketan Desai, PAG’s vice president of sales and marketing.

UTAS offers helicopter actuators for small, medium, and large applications of the civil, commercial, and military markets. Main and tail rotor actuators incorporate developments in servo-valves, solenoid valves, spool valves, and detection devices including anti-jamming on the spool valve.

In welcoming PAG as a strategic partner to the distribution and Level 1/2 repairs of Airbus AS350 servo actuators, UTAS head of sales and business development Robert Bennett says, “PAG offers the market real-time support and the ability to provide operators with high performance UTAS servos that are available via the Fleet Improvement Program.”;;
Richard McConn, chairman and CEO of M International (L) and Fred Buttrell, CEO of Air Medical Group Holdings.

Keystone Turbine Services wins AMGH engine support contract

M International subsidiary Keystone Turbine Services LLC (KTS) supports Air Medical Group Holdings Inc. (AMGH) with comprehensive Rolls-Royce M250-C30P and -C47B gas turbine engine, module, component, and accessory services for AMGH’s fleet of 196 medical evacuation Bell 206L and 407 model helicopters. The agreement is KTS’ second 5-year deal with AMGH.

M Int’l. President and COO Rob Ruck says, “AMGH is the largest medical evacuation operator in the world, and we’re honored they’ve again chosen Keystone to be their premier gas turbine engine maintenance, repair, and overhaul facility.”

AMGH CEO Fred Buttrell adds, “The company is pleased to extend this relationship through 2023, and we’re looking forward to M International’s and Keystone’s continued support for our mission of providing the best air medical transport for 100,000-plus patients annually.”

With more than 41 years of continuous experience, KTS is Rolls-Royce’s second largest certificated authorized maintenance, repair, and overhaul center (AMROC) supporting the M250 Series engine, modules, accessories, and components. As a member of the Roll-Royce FIRST Network, KTS is an FAA and EASA certificated Part 145 Repair Station.

KTS has expanded its 40,000ft2 MRO facility with the addition of a second original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-correlated, all-digital engine test cell plus additional 10,000ft2 of production space.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, AMGH transports more than 100,000 patients annually through its subsidiaries, including Med-Trans Corp., Air Evac Lifeteam, Reach Air Medical Services, AirMed International, Lifeguard Ambulance, and Guardian Flight.;;

Wireless handheld gage

The i-Wave2 wireless handheld gage measures rivet holes, component bores, gear boxes, generators, bearings, and hollow shafts. The gage features an integrated 1.8" color display and wireless Bluetooth technology, allowing users to obtain measurements without a computer. It can measure ID, OD, depth, distances, and countersinks. With a measuring resolution of 0.0001mm, the i-Wave2 gage can minimize human error and save time.