Okuma welcomes Velocity/Briney to Partners in THINC

Okuma welcomes Velocity/Briney to Partners in THINC

Velocity/Briney supplies toolholder systems for Okuma CNC machining centers.

September 2, 2016

Charlotte, North Caroina – Okuma America Corp., a world-leader in CNC machine tools announces that Velocity/Briney is the newest member to join Partners in THINCVelocity/Briney supplies CNC machine toolholding solution Velocity SMART Tool exclusively for Okuma machining centers.

Velocity SMART Tool is a collaboration of four U.S. suppliers: Velocity Products, Briney Tooling Systems, BlueSwarf and Fullerton Tool. SMART Tool is fully assembled, balanced, preset and ready to run. It removes toolholding guesswork for optimal cutting. BlueSwarf Dashboard is included and allows machining at maximum speeds, feeds and cutting depths for a specific operation or part on an Okuma machine tool.

“Velocity/Briney works closely with Okuma and its distributor network to deliver products that are designed, tuned and optimized for specific Okuma machining center models. Combined, our areas of expertise in toolholding, cutting tools, and machining dynamics enable us to produce the highest quality, complete intelligent toolholder assemblies. Our singular focus makes us uniquely qualified to help Okuma customers maximize return on investments in technology,” says Robert Bauer, vice president at Morris Group, Inc. and head of its Velocity Products division.

Members of Partners in THINC provide superior technologies that are integrated with Okuma’s CNC machines and controls to deliver advanced manufacturing system solutions.

About Okuma America Corp.
Okuma America Corp. is the U.S.-based sales and service affiliate of Okuma Corp., a world leader in CNC (computer numeric control) machine tools, founded in 1898 in Nagoya, Japan. The company is the industry’s only single-source provider, with the CNC machine, drive, motors, encoders, and spindle all manufactured by Okuma. The company also designs their own CNC controls to integrate seamlessly with each machine tool’s functionality. In 2014 Okuma launched the Okuma App Store, the industry’s only centralized online marketplace for machine tool apps and related content. Along with its extensive distribution network (largest in the Americas), and Partners in THINC, Okuma is committed to helping users gain competitive advantage through the open possibilities of machine tools, today and into the future.

Partners in THINC
Partners in THINC is a collaboration network of more than 40 industry leaders who come together to solve problems and explore new productivity ideas for real-world manufacturers. With the open architecture, PC-based OSP control as its nucleus, Partners in THINC brings specialized equipment, expertise and a commitment to provide the best possible integrated solutions to the end-user. 

Velocity/Briney is a joint partner of Partners in THINC consisting of two U.S. companies: Velocity Products and Briney Tooling Systems. Velocity/Briney produces and distributes Velocity SMART Tool, the only intelligent toolholder system made exclusively for Okuma machining centers.  Velocity SMART Tool is a collaboration of four U.S companies: Velocity Products, Briney Tooling Systems, BlueSwarf and Fullerton Tool.

Source: Okuma