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Aerospace Manufacturing and Design welcomes all aircraft enthusiasts to join the fun and NAME THAT PLANE! Each issue, a new aircraft will be featured. Given a photo and a clue box, readers are encouraged to guess what plane is being described and submit their answers to

March 9, 2021

November/December 2020 winner:

Frank Garza,
Quality Assurance Manager
TechSystems LLC
Tempe, Arizona

How long have you been in the aerospace business? 50 years

How did you become interested in aircraft? My father was a U.S. Army Air Forces pilot during World War II. I grew up with and around airplanes.

What is your favorite aircraft and why? The Northrop T-38 White Lighting (Talon). I spent much time in the cockpit.


Ed Francis
Vice President
Crystallume Corp.
Santa Clara, California

Peter York
Chief Inspector
Warren County Avionics
Lebanon, Ohio

The entry deadline for this issue’s contest is April 8, 2021. Winners will be announced in the May-June 2021 issue.

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