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Lead screw configurator; 5-axis double-column machining center; 3-axis video measurement system; Quick changeover turning machine; Interchangeable milling head

A lead screw configurator allows users to quickly design their own lead screw and drawing without in-depth technical knowledge or CAD software.

Trapezoidal, high helix, or metric thread lead screws, in combination with nuts made of iglide high-performance polymers, ensure lubrication-free adjustment for long lasting- and smooth-running applications.

The tool directly checks the plausibility of the configuration. In three steps, the user can customize a lead screw, configure the machined end, and directly generate a dimensional drawing. The designer can download the 3D model of the configuration and order the pre-configured lead screw or request an offer.


5-axis double-column machining center

The BX40Ui 5-axis CNC double-column machining center has a trunnion table integrated along the Y-axis. The ladder structure and double-column design provide rigidity and support to the head casting. With an 18,000rpm motorized spindle and oversized linear guide rollers, the BX40Ui is suitable for several applications.

Its bridge structure is isolated from part weight and operates stably and predictably. UltiMotion high-speed motion technology reduces cycle times up to 30% and delivers high surface-finish quality.

Hurco Companies Inc.

3-axis video measurement system

The LVC400 fully automated 3-axis video measurement system is for measuring large components or multiple small components quickly and accurately.

Featuring a 400mm x 300mm stage, LVC400 offers large measuring capacity and fully automated movement in all 3 axes, making component measurement faster. Non-stop measurement routines are possible through programs with magnification changes built in.

Additionally, multiple components can be loaded onto the stage and measured automatically in a single program. The system is pre-programmable or can be driven using the supplied joystick for one-off measurements.

Vision Engineering Inc.

Quick changeover turning machine

Quest series turning centers provide quick changeovers to reduce setup and cycle times. Interchangeable top plates can be pre-tooled for a quick-change, collet-ready spindle. The machines offer automation options and automated robotic parts handling.

Enhancements include 4x faster index time, 172% more X-axis travel, 18% faster X-axis traverse rate, 57% faster Z-axis traverse rate, more rigidity with Fanuc servo turret index motor, and 30% less floor space.

Hardinge Inc.

Interchangeable milling head

TungMeister series interchangeable milling heads now include 4-flute cutter heads with high-feed capability.

Interchangeable TungMeister heads allow quick, accurate tool changes between operations. A 4-flute option of VFX-4 style cutting heads increases feed capability.

Additional flutes allow higher parameters and prolong tool life because more cutting edges engage the same working load. Soft cutting and strong geometry improve tool life and stability with helical cutting edges and larger tool cores.

Tungaloy America Inc.