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‘Muratec means more’ applies to fabrication and integrated automation.

October 7, 2021

Advanced Hybrid Fiber Laser LS3015HL

While we’re known for turning solutions, we also specialize in flexible, integrated automated solutions where you can “make it, move it, store it, and service it” throughout your entire supply chain.

Make it

Combining high-speed precision Fiber laser cutting and accurate forming and tapping, the first-of-its-kind Advanced Hybrid Fiber Laser LS3015HL has a flying optics system for laser cutting and servo drives for forming, reducing the steps to completed products. With repeat accuracy of ±0.001" and a fast traverse speed of 6,692.9ipm, it’s ideal for prototypes, large-volume runs, short-run stamping, sample parts production, and varied geometries.

Muratec’s MT Series CNC twin spindle lathe and integrated gantry loader is the ideal job-shop-in-a box. Designed for multi-tasking, it increases throughput while producing superior quality and industry leading reliability. It combines turning and milling capabilities, with Y-axis and live tools standard on each turret.

Move it

Cooperation between automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) and automated guided vehicles (AGV) increases productivity and lights-out capabilities by safely automating manual, repetitive material handling and transportation processes. AGVs streamline layout and workflow automation, allowing for adjustments, quality checks, and operational flexibility that reduce labor needs, remove human errors, and improve working conditions.

Store it

Muratec’s sheet metal automation systems enable customers to overcome the efficiency challenges of large runs and variable demands. Engineered with advanced servo-control technology and flexible storage capacity, Muratec loader systems can improve process quality and achieve production increases compared to a standalone machine.

Automated storage and material transport solutions are ideal for facilities that manage high shipment volumes in addition to large quantities of raw materials.

Muratec automated storage & retrieval systems (AS/RS) accommodate a wide range of facility sizes, throughput speeds, and loads. Choose from unit load, mini load, high-rise, high-density pin extraction, and special 5-ton load systems.

Service it

All Muratec fabrication and turning systems are built for long life and low maintenance, but if ever there is a problem, Muratec’s support team and in-house staff stands ready 24/7 to provide on-site emergency care, regardless of the system’s age.

  • Up close, personal support & service
  • Phone support and on-site service & inspections
  • Multimillion-dollar parts inventory with same-day shipping
  • Locally based North America service
  • Dedicated application & engineering staff
  • Muratec Service Plans for peace of mind
Muratec MT 200

Improve ROI

Muratec’s integrated systems are widely compatible, ready to integrate with your existing equipment and software to drive value and long-term ROI for your business. We can increase your system capacity, expand system functionality, and update controls and mechanical equipment to improve utilization.


Muratec helps you accurately deploy the right automation, ensuring reliability across systems, maximizing space, and optimizing operations. Run faster, longer, and more efficiently.

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