IMTS 2022 Conference: Quality Monitoring of Automated Production Using a Large-FOV Calibrated Imaging System with Laser Guidance
Monitoring Automated Production Using a Large-FOV Calibrated Imaging System with Aligned Vision
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IMTS 2022 Conference: Quality Monitoring of Automated Production Using a Large-FOV Calibrated Imaging System with Laser Guidance

Learn how using large-FOV calibrated imaging systems with laser guidance can monitor automated production.

June 15, 2022

About the presentation
As automation accelerates value-added activities in the production of complex components, a growing portion of the cycle time is taken up by quality monitoring activities, including manual inspections and those performed by coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). This trend creates an opportunity to reduce overall cycle time by accelerating inspection and corrective actions. Laser profilometers and conventional “smart camera” systems have been applied in some cases, but these technologies have limitations on both inspection type and cycle-time reductions. An automatic inspection and laser feedback system developed for aerospace composites manufacturing is currently being evaluated for application to automotive, wind, and other industries seeking to maximize throughput and minimize waste. The technology’s aimed vision system captures high-resolution images of small regions within its large field of view (FOV) (typically 3m x 3m); calibrates them using photogrammetric transforms; and analyzes them using algorithms created via machine learning. Automatic laser feedback speeds corrective measures by guiding operators to flaw locations. This presentation details the technology and shares results of current applications and ongoing evaluations.

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As President and Founder of Aligned Vision, Scott Blake pioneered composites fabrication digitalization efforts, including 3D industrial laser projection, automatic inspection for composites, and the use of artificial intelligence to accelerate application development. He holds three patents in the area of automatic inspection, and his composites manufacturing process control system, forerunner of Aligned Vision’s BUILDGUIDE fabrication management system, garnered him the 2000 National Tibbetts award for SBIR work. Blake is leading his team to integrate inspection and laser projection into the digital thread for aerospace and automotive composites.

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