Modular filtration systems

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The FlexFiltration line features pre-engineered modules for flexible filtration system configurations using Flex G Series modular filtration. The systems remove fine chips and grinding sludge to achieve coolant clarity down to <10µm. They’re well suited for challenging applications involving cast iron, steel, aluminum, composite, and plastic materials.

Pre-engineered base configurations allow customers to quickly construct a FlexFiltration system specific to coolant-flow requirements. To further match the system to the intended application, a range of system tanks are available and include standard or low-profile versions along with an optional stainless-steel tank. Other modular options that complete a system include high-pressure pumps, auxiliary pumps, tramp oil skimmers, coolant chillers, heat exchangers, liquid level sensors, temperature sensors, and the ability to control/interface with existing pumps and other equipment.

Included in the FlexFiltration introduction are the Flex G Series systems featuring gravity media filters. Gravity filters are offered in 30gpm, 60gpm, and 90gpm options and come standard with low-media roll detection, no media alarm sensor, and automatic roll advance. Various disposable cloth media are available for specific applications. Additional primary filtration options including bag filtration, cyclonic, and permanent media types will be offered soon.

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