MEMS capacitive accelerometers

Departments - Motion, Design, Automation

Linear guideways in O-arrangement; Startup, configuration, diagonstic invertor for modular automation systems; Predict maintenance, reduce energy costs; MindSphere expansions; Remote grinding monitor.

July 12, 2017

Micro-electro-mechanical sensor (MEMS) capacitive accelerometers come in standard ranges from ±2g to ±400g, along with a choice of ±4V differential or 0.5V to 4.5V single-ended output. Temperature performance to 125°C, and improved scale factor and bias temperature shifts, allows long-term stability.

Units feature a four-wire (single-axis) or eight-wire (tri-axial) connection, flexible response to DC or AC acceleration (0Hz to 2,000Hz), low-independence outputs, support up to 200ft of cable, and flexible operation from 8VDC to 32VDC power.

Linear guideways in O-arrangement

CG model series linear guideways differ from the previous model in their four-row ball O-arrangement, aiding rigidity and allowing it to withstand more powerful rolling moment.

This model series is equipped with an additional lubricant channel in the middle of the block, as well as the usual lubricating channels at both gates – an advantage with short stroke applications since no complete ball circulation takes place.

Startup, configuration, diagonstic invertor for modular automation systems

The Movidrive modular application inverter, an element of the Movi-C modular automation system, combines startup, configuration, and diagnostics for standard and functional safety components, as well as single inverters or machines and systems.

The system of automation modules is available to users from controller to gearmotor and across all electronic products.

Advantages include single-cable technology, double-axis modules, and integrated safety technology. A 24V standby mode (energy saving mode), regenerative power supply modules, energy storage units, and DC links aid in integration and improved communication options.

Predict maintenance, reduce energy costs

The Sigma Air Manager (SAM 4.0) master control system for compressed air production and treatment components optimizes pressure values, automatically adjusts compressor system air, enhances system efficiency through constant analysis, and enables services such as predictive maintenance.

The SAM 4.0 operates in 30 languages and includes a touch screen that displays operating status, pressure history, free air delivery, power, consumption, as well as maintenance and error messages. Supported by a secure network, the system offers error messages and remote diagnostics sent via email to a pre-set address.

MindSphere expansions

The Ruggedcom RX1400 router enables users to connect directly to MindSphere, permitting data from connected assets to be read out and preprocessed. Once in MindSphere, the encrypted data is available for processing and analysis.

The MindConnect Lib offers developers new opportunities for connecting embedded devices to MindSphere. Its disclosed application programming interface that communicates with a higher-level component (northbound API) allows more rapid integration of Siemens MindApps and partner apps.

Remote grinding monitor

Management Suite lets customers monitor grinding machine performance remotely with live production information.

The app monitors production in real time, immediately notifying users when a machine has ceased operation, with reasons for the stoppage via email or text message. It also provides machine status and activity by logging into the company’s server. Analytics tools can produce reports on machine usage, helping to reduce waste and increase overall equipment efficiency.