Marking, cleaning tools

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October 8, 2021

Platinum Tooling Technologies Inc.

Andreas Maier marking and cleaning tools under the AMF brand are now available.

A key design feature of the AMF marking tool is its needle, which marks metal and thermoplastic surfaces with clarity and at high speed without degrading the substrate. Typically mounted in tool holders for use in a CNC machine tool spindle, the tool can function with or without rotation and usually without spindle height adjustment. Very thin material and cylindrical workpieces can be marked, with increased cost savings compared to conventional marking or labeling.

Cleaning tools for workpieces, tooling, and CNC machine interiors are typically clamped in tool holders and mounted directly onto the machine spindle. Using through-spindle coolant or compressed air, the cleaning tool removes swarf and other debris from workpieces, clamping tools, rotary tables, and other fixtures before the next workpiece blank is loaded. The machine spindle can remain stationary or slowly rotate during the cleaning process. Horizontal or vertical styles suit the machine spindle configuration and feature adjustable jet nozzles for precise cleaning and coolant or compressed air conservation. Kits can be furnished complete with tools, gage, and fastening hardware or the items can be purchased separately.

Platinum Tooling Technologies Inc.