Manufacturing execution system

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Helical cutter program; Surface finish probe.

April 3, 2018

The ProLeiS manufacturing execution system (MES) software offers comprehensive data management, manufacturing planning, and manufacturing control functions to control individual parts for dies and injection molds – from quotation to the finished product.

Users can check during pre-planning to determine whether proposed projects can be processed and meet delivery dates. Overviews of milestones, degree of die completion, and resource assignments are provided.


Helical cutter program

The Semi-Standard Helical Cutter Program slashes required lead times for custom helical cutter tooling. By streamlining tool acquisition, customers can apply the technology and quickly improve metal-removal operations.

In applications involving heat- resistant superalloys and aluminum, the cutters remove more material with deeper cuts. Semi-standardized custom models eliminate quoting and the need for individual tool design and approval processes. Fully replaceable end caps for the tools allow manufacturers to replace the front rows of their cutters with less effort and cost.

Seco Tools LLC

Surface finish probe

The SFP2 surface finish measurement probe increases the surface finish measurement ability of the REVO 5-axis measurement system on coordinated measurement machines (CMM). REVO offers a multi-sensor capability providing touch-trigger, high-speed tactile scanning, and non-contact vision measurement on a single CMM.

Powered by 5-axis measurement technology, the SFP2’s automated surface finish inspection offers time savings, reduced part handling, and greater return on CMM investment. The system is automatically interchangeable with available probe options, providing flexibility to select the optimum tool to inspect features on the same CMM platform.