Make clean air a competitive advantage

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Duroair’s patented six-stage DuroPure™ air filtration system captures more than 99% of particulates and exceeds EPA and OSHA requirements.

August 30, 2021

The ability to bring clean air to large spaces and workpieces has been a significant breakthrough for manufacturers whose work involves hazardous air pollutants such as hexavalent chromium, isocyanates, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Portable enclosures serve as an all-in-one sanding, coating, and painting booth where workers simply change filters for each task.

But for aerospace and defense (A&D) contractors, it can be difficult to balance the movements of large workpieces requiring many operations without creating backlogs. Contractors increasingly need flexibility to do surface prep, sand, paint, and coat in the same area simultaneously. So, Duroair has taken its engineering ingenuity to a new level by designing a multi-chamber booth that accommodates up to three separate clean-air operations simultaneously.

Each chamber has the patented six-stage DuroPure™ air filtration system. The three chambers can be used independently, or interior walls can be removed to perform one or two functions. The enclosure can be accessed from the front or the side, and the unit can be fixed or retractable on wheels.

How the DuroPure™ air filtration system works

DuroPure™ industrial air filtration technology captures more than 99% of particulates and exceeds EPA and OSHA requirements. The unvented recirculating solution doesn’t require ducting or make-up air. It places less expensive filters in front of more expensive, technically advanced filters for protection and longer life.

The first three stages capture particulates to less than one micron. The third stage filter can be changed to accommodate MERV 15, HEPA, and NESHAP 319 standards, providing the manufacturer with the flexibility to do different operations. The final three stages are a gas filtration process before the clean air is recirculated back into the shop space.

Solutions for compliance, flexibility

Duroair’s clean air solutions cost less to build than traditional systems that require a permanent footprint and venting and can be costly if a facility is at its EPA limit for exhaust stacks. Duroair solutions can be installed within days and weeks – not months – and can be retracted in hours and moved or stored in a fraction of the space.

The clean air solutions also offer A&D manufacturers flexibility for 3D printing and additive manufacturing (AM) to radically reduce the number of parts or design complexity and assembly, reduce costs, save time, and increase scale of production.

Duroair’s retractable clean air solutions bring clean air to the workpiece and help you:

  • Avoid disrupting adjacent manufacturing or maintenance operations
  • Save material handling costs
  • Reduce or eliminate outsourcing
  • Find agile ways to safeguard critical tasks without impacting productivity
  • Ensure employee safety
  • Improve your bottom line

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