Liebherr-Aerospace inaugurates Canadian landing gear assembly

Liebherr-Aerospace inaugurates Canadian landing gear assembly

Laval site accommodates final assembly, testing of landing gear for Bombardier C Series aircraft.

October 30, 2017
Edited by Eric Brothers

Preparation for transport of a C Series landing gear at Liebherr-Aerospace in Laval, Quebec, Canada - © Liebherr

Liebherr-Canada Ltd. Aerospace and Transportation Systems Division has inaugurated its new facility in Laval, near Montreal, Canada. The site accommodates the final assembly and testing of landing gear for the Bombardier C Series aircraft.

The project accounts for an investment of more than 3.8 million Canadian dollars of capital expenditure. The building covers an area of 1,400m² (15,000ft2) and houses seven final assembly cells as well as test facilities for the C Series landing gear, enabling Liebherr to manage just-in-time deliveries directly to the aircraft assembly line.

The supply of the air management system and the landing gear system to the C Series aircraft has created new opportunities for Liebherr-Aerospace & Transportation Systems in Canada. Bombardier Aerospace’s C Series final assembly line is in Mirabel, approximately 35km (22 miles) from Liebherr’s Laval facility. Liebherr-Aerospace is responsible for expanded logistics as well as final assembly and testing of the landing gear system. Liebherr-Aerospace in Canada works closely with the European Liebherr OEMs to procure tooling and other equipment. The recruiting and training process has already commenced.