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February 15, 2016

Tapping attachment

The GNCK tapping attachment for special-purpose machines and machining centers with automated tool changers offers thread depths of 60.15mm (2.375") and speeds up to 4,000rpm. It can facilitate pressures up to 50 bar (725psi). Precision collets (ER16-GB or ER25GB) ensure the tap is securely clamped, and additional square drivers can be used where high torque is being generated, such as in thread forming.

By eliminating spindle rotation reversing for tapping operations, tapping cycle times and spindle wear are reduced.

Bilz Tool Co. Inc. USA

Trio of milling grades

Among new milling grades, WKK25S with Tiger?tec Silver PVD features increased hardness, higher crystallization, and fewer micro defects in the coating surface, allowing increased cutting speeds and higher cutting-edge life. WSM45X with Tiger?tec Silver PVD is for machining stainless steel (ISO M) and super alloys (ISO S), with better tool life and higher material removal rate. WNN15 uses a new coating technology to produce dense and smooth coating layers that can reduce friction, reduce build-up edge, resist against flank wear, and offer cutting edge stability.

Walter USA LLC

Simultaneous milling and turning

The Mikron MILL P 800 U ST (simultaneous turning) includes milling and turning in a single machine with 31.5" (800mm) of X-axis travel, 800rpm C-axis rotation speeds, and a maximum table load of 1,763 lb (800kg).

The gantry-type 137" x 118" footprint lets the machine integrate into existing operations, replacing two machines. A workpiece on the 31.5" x 31.5" table is accessible without rotating the table, eliminating errors and avoiding the need for hand polishing.

The MILL P 800 U ST offers workpiece roundness, high surface quality, and a high material removal rate, while eliminating transfer-related part runout and errors, increasing the finished part quality.

Capable of 4-axis simultaneous turning, the machine incorporates a 20,000rpm HSK T63 spindle. Water-cooled torque motors on the A- and C-axis ensure accuracy and stability, while speed is enhanced through the axes’ 0.3-second clamp time.

The unit is automation ready, equipped with pallet changers for 2, 7, 9, or 12 pallets, and can be integrated into existing automation systems.

GF Machining Solutions

Tipped milling insert grades

PCD-tipped milling insert grades PCD05 and PCD20 are for use with Seco Turbo 10 cutters, offering excellent surface quality in finish machining involving aluminum, titanium alloy, polymer, and fiber-reinforced composite workpieces.

The milling insert grades work alone or alongside carbide inserts in the same Turbo 10 cutter body. When used with carbide inserts, the PCD insert grades serve as wiper inserts in fixed pockets, while running the PCD05 and PCD20 in one Turbo 10 cutter body optimizes their potential and ensures maximum cutting parameters.

Seco Tools LLC

Deep-hole drilling machine

The UNI-50BTA enables operators to change from BTA to gundrill deep-hole drilling tooling and drill holes with diameters between 0.31" (8mm) and 2.56" (65mm), at depth-to-diameter hole ratios of more than 100:1. It is possible to drill with either tooling method within the diameter range in the same part without secondary operations.

The product’s pressure head enables operators to change tools without dismantling the machine in as few as 10 minutes and is for use in high-production or high-precision applications such as landing gear actuators and helicopter main shafts. The machine offers high accuracy feed and zero-endplay spindles for bottom-forming operations, counter rotation to minimize centerline drift, and preloaded ballscrew drives for precise depth control.


Wireless coating thickness measurement

SmartTest consists of an app and a wireless sensor for measuring coating thickness with smart phones and tablets. Digitally generated readings on the sensor are relayed by Bluetooth to the device, replacing a conventional coating thickness gauge.

App functions include a display of current measuring value, statistical evaluation, storage of measuring values in files, 2-point calibration, measuring unit metric/imperial switchover, and export of the series of measurement in CSV format. Smart device functions are available for data transfer.

Paul N. Gardner Co. Inc.

Jaw force gages

Jaw force gages allow users to measure force applied to each chuck jaw independently, verifying rated jaw force, identifying potential safety hazards, and establishing a maintenance schedule. The gages fit chucks from 6" to 18".

Measurements can be compared to determine if the chuck meets manufacturer-established jaw force ratings or needs a drawbar/drawtube adjustment. This product identifies if internal chuck parts are worn or broken, or if chuck jaws are not obtaining full travel and may require disassembly and cleaning. The gage can determine if an air or hydraulic actuator requires adjustment to correct leakage or bypass, or if line pressure needs adjustment for proper chucking.

The gage can be used with chucks from a wide variety of manufacturers, and can keep chucks operating at full force for maximum production and service life.

Dillon Mfg. Inc.

Pneumatic hand tools

Suhner LRC 20 hand tools grind, mill, and polish difficult-to-reach places. They are slender and maneuverable while providing 20,000rpm. Exhaust air is directed backwards, protecting the work surface, while speed remains regulated.

Suhner Industrial Products LLC

Large HMC

The FH1600SW-i HMC’s side-by-side style pallet changer with loading area allows full access to the workpiece. Features include a 150mm (5.9") diameter quill spindle and standard 74hp (55kW) spindle with 1,560 ft-lb (2,115N-m) of torque. Large machine guideways and ballscrews offer strength and impact resistance while maintaining a rapid feed rate and cutting rigidity.

Toyoda Machinery USA

Networking user interface

The Celos interface networks all machines within a manufacturing organization. Twelve apps help prepare and process production jobs and provide administration, documentation, and visualization of order, process, and machine data. Complex processes can be programmed on the machine with ready-made windows to enter data.


Special live centers now standard

To avoid long lead times and higher costs, five standard point styles provide a solution that will work in more than 90% of formerly custom-only applications. Roto-Shield technology can increase a live center’s operating life by up to 300% by deflecting coolant, protecting bearings, and maintaining grease consistency.

Royal Products

Fiber optic light system

The LuxPro LED fiber optic light system for illumination of borescopes and microscopes, features linear light intensity control with continuous dimming, and accepts virtually any light guide with quick change adapters. It provides consistent color temperature (cool white 4,500K) and is equipped with a standard 0.625" light guide fitting (nosepiece). The system comes in cable diameters of 0.187" to 1.000" (including Fostec 0.718" and ACMI). Customers can use their current fiber optic guides and ring lights.

Advanced heat pipe technology of the LuxPro uses metal core PCBs, and precision-engineered cooling provides quiet operation. The 7 lb (3.2kg) unit has rugged housing and a footprint of 6.00" x 4.75" x 9.00" (15.2cm x 12.1cm x 22.9cm). A universal power source connector enables worldwide operation from 96VAC to 264VAC, 50Hz to 60Hz.

Titan Tool Supply Inc.