IMTS 2022 Conference: Manufacturing Leans Towards Lasers
Manufacturing Leans Towards Lasers with GF Machining
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IMTS 2022 Conference: Manufacturing Leans Towards Lasers

Learn how lasers are used in ablation, texturing, and micromachining manufacturing processes.

About the presentation
Globally, manufacturing is moving toward piece-part production, especially in the medical, aerospace, automotive (EC), and other key industries where lasers help reduce consumable costs and ensure extreme process repeatability. Onik Bhattacharyya explains how lasers are used in ablation, texturing, and micromachining manufacturing processes to overcome challenges ranging from tiny part features to functional surface textures that stimulate human bone growth on medical implants. He also compares these processes to traditional technologies such as electrical discharge machining (EDM), mechanical milling, and chemical etching with real-world shop examples. Attendees of this presentation will learn how laser micromachining, ablation, and texturing processes are used in several manufacturing applications, including medical parts and surgical tools, automotive production, mold and die, and many others. The technology makes it possible to hold tight micro machining tolerances on very small parts and generate repeatable surface texture patterns much faster than conventional methods.

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Meet your presenter
Onik Bhattacharyya is the director of global sales at GF Machining Solutions for the Microlution product line. He was formerly the vice president of sales and one of three founding members at Microlution in 2006. He holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Illinois and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering, also from the University of Illinois.

About the company
GF Machining Solutions is – along with GF Piping Systems and GF Casting Solutions – one of the three divisions within the Georg Fischer Group (Switzerland). We provide machines, technical solutions, and services to the tool and mold making industry and to manufacturers of precision components. The portfolio ranges from EDM, high-speed and high-performance Milling machines – including clamping and palletization systems, 3D laser surface texturing machines, and spindles – to solutions for tooling and automation, services, spare parts, expendable parts, consumables, and digitalization solutions. Our key customer segments are the aerospace, ICT, medical, and automotive industries. Based in Switzerland, GF Machining Solutions is present in more than 50 countries with our own sales companies. In addition, the division operates production facilities, research, and development centers in Switzerland, the U.S., Sweden, and China.