JPB Système to establish state-of-the art production facility

JPB Système to establish state-of-the art production facility

Government to help fund advanced factory to spearhead company’s diversification into new product applications and markets.

February 22, 2021

JPB Système, a manufacturer of efficiency-enhancing technology solutions for aerospace and other industries, has received funding from the French government’s Ministry for Economy and Finance to establish a new purpose-built, state-of-the art production facility in Villaroche, south of Paris.

The grant was secured through the government’s Francerelance plan, part of its Territoires d’Industrie program designed to accelerate industry growth and help manufacturing companies revive operations amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For JPB Système, the funding will contribute towards its JPB Villaroche 2025 project – an initiative valued at more than $36.4 million – for the company to establish an advanced factory of the future adjacent to its current facility.

“Essentially, JPB Villaroche 2025 embodies our vision for the future via an advanced Industry 4.0 enabled platform that integrates innovative manufacturing technologies designed to ensure we maintain our drive to innovate and diversify for decades to come,” explains JPB Système’s CEO Damien Marc.

Located at the heart of an aerospace manufacturing hub that comprises a cluster of associated companies – including JPB’s customer, Safran aircraft Engines – the new facility will occupy part of a larger 40,000m2 site, which will, if needed, offer the potential to expand the infrastructure in the future.

Although the new digital factory will primarily serve as the company’s principal manufacturing base, the wider plan for the premises is much more far-reaching and they will be built to achieve several distinct objectives.

These include driving JPB’s heritage self-locking systems into other application areas within aerospace, as well as exploring new opportunities for the solutions across other markets. The building will also serve to spearhead the company’s product diversification program, most notably its KeyProd production tracking solution.

Industry 4.0 enabled automated production lines will be underpinned by robotics and advanced 3D printing technology toward the goal of certified 3D printing of flight-ready metal parts.

The facility will also serve as a base to welcome educational establishments by offering a window to the world of advanced manufacturing to inspire the engineers of tomorrow.

Upholding JPB Système’s environmental ethos, the building will be engineered specifically to be as ecologically friendly as possible. This will see it harness natural light and low-energy heating, limit waste to a minimum, and integrate dedicated recycling programs – including rainwater.

“Once complete, our JPB Villaroche 2025 project will epitomize everything that our company represents and what we seek to achieve,” Marc adds.

Construction of JPB Système’s new facility is expected to take place in Q1, with a final completion date expected around Q3 2022.

Founded in 1995, JPB Système serves some of the industry’s largest manufacturers, including Safran, Pratt & Whitney, GE, Rolls-Royce and ITP Aero.

As well as its French base, JPB Système operates a production facility near Krakow, in the Polish Aviation Valley, and a North American office in Cincinnati, Ohio.