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CNC teach lathes

June 23, 2020

The small internal grooving tool (SIGC) toolholder’s proprietary clamping system uses double coolant holes to provide consistent chip evacuation while making small grooves inside the workpiece. The SIGC series includes steel shank and carbide shank toolholder styles. There are also left-handed toolholder and insert styles available to cover a wider variety of internal grooving applications.

Kyocera Precision Tools

CNC teach lathes

C series CNC teach lathes include six models ranging from the C 420 with a 17" (430mm) swing over bed; a 4,000rpm, 12.5hp main motor; and 39" between centers, to the C 1000 with a 40" (1,000mm) swing over bed; a 500rpm, 45hp main motor; and up to 197" between centers.

Each lathe comes with the Romi manual machining package (RMMP), enabling simple operations without any programming – as easy to use as a manual lathe but with added CNC capability and productivity.

With RMMP, an operator can machine parts in manual mode using the handwheels, and in automatic mode using a joystick and start cycle. The operator can also fill in the fields on the CNC screen, indicating spindle speed, feeds, cutting depth, coordinates, and angles, starting the machining with the cycle start button.

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