Don’t Let Security Concerns Halt Your Business Transformation Journey

Don’t Let Security Concerns Halt Your Business Transformation Journey

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The aerospace and defense industry is in a phase of digital transformation. By utilizing technology, successful A&D firms are expanding their businesses, identifying and executing key contracts, optimizing their supply chains, and maximizing the value of their talent. Cloud technology can be a core component of this digital transformation. However, in a highly regulated industry such as A&D, there are questions about the security of deploying mission-critical applications in the cloud. Have these concerns held your company back from achieving its goals?

You are invited to a webinar on August 8, 2019 at 2:00 pm EST, featuring Infor’s Nick Castellina, Director of Industry and Solution Strategy, and Joe Arthur, Vice President of Government SaaS, to learn about how your business can ensure compliance for its applications in the aerospace and defense industry. During this event, you will learn:

• The key challenges that are impacting A&D manufacturers today

• Details on compliance risks such as NIST 800-171 and ITAR in the US

• How Infor’s government cloud ensures security and compliance

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Joe Arthur is vice president government SaaS and technology executive, He joined Infor in 2014, bringing 30 years of technology industry leadership, business applications, and executive management experience that includes 20+ years in A&D. He’s responsible for leading the Infor Government SaaS (IGS) technical and business activities across multiple business and functional operational units.

Nick Castellina is Director of Industry and Solution strategy where he is responsible for marketing messaging and strategic direction in the discrete manufacturing industries. At Infor, Nick interacts with end users to understand their challenges and connects with product management and marketing to support Infor’s commitment to delivering focused solutions featuring industry best practices.