IMTS 2018 Conference: Modern Workholding Strategies for Swiss-type Machining

IMTS 2018 Conference: Modern Workholding Strategies for Swiss-type Machining

Discuss the best practices for optimizing the use of the main- and sub-spindle to maximize productivity


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About the topic 

Swiss-type CNC machines have gained in capability and demand as the machined components they produce are trending toward higher precision and micro-sized features. As the machines have become more sophisticated, the underlying basics of workholding remained unchanged until recently. This presentation is an overview of new developments as well as traditional approaches with relevance to today’s highly capable sliding headstock Swiss-type CNC turning centers. The goal is to summarize best practices for optimizing use of both main and sub-spindle to maximize productivity and overall equipment effectiveness. The material is useful for machinists, CNC programmers, tool crib personnel, manufacturing engineers, estimators, and hands-on managers.

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Meet your presenter 

Matt Saccomanno is an inventor and the co-founder of Masa Tools Inc., with 40 years experience in Swiss-type machining and related fields of product design and engineering. Working as production operator, setup machinist, manufacturing engineer, product design consultant, and company founder, he has been challenged from every direction in the field of precision manufacturing.