IMTS 2018 Conference: Manufacturing as Code (MaC): An Innovative Approach to Agile Manufacturing

IMTS 2018 Conference: Manufacturing as Code (MaC): An Innovative Approach to Agile Manufacturing

Manufacturing as Code streamlines design and production activities to automatically provision manufacturing infrastructure to meet design requirements


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About the topic

Manufacturers of high variability products often struggle with balancing the agility needed to meet variation requirements versus production quality and efficiency. Manufacturing as Code (MaC) offers a new approach to this problem that streamlines design and production activities using code – rather than manual effort – to automatically provision manufacturing infrastructure to meet design requirements.

Creating a seamless link between design and production helps manufacturers meet variability requirements while increasing production rates, maintaining high levels of quality, and creating a healthier bottom line.

MaC is a concept borrowed from a software practice called Infrastructure as Code (IaC) that helps software businesses combine developers and operations into a streamlined team known as DevOps. Applying this practice to manufacturing teams enables manufacturers to increase design change and release rates while maintaining high quality standards, support large model mixes and customized products on the same infrastructure, and create quality-verifiable production "code" before a unit is produced. 

In this session, Mr. Stefanczak will change your perspective on agile manufacturing by:

  • Paralleling the historical need for agile software development with agile manufacturing
  • Reviewing DevOps and IaC concepts and how they’re impacting software development
  • Illustrating how MaC can help solve the same issues in manufacturing that IaC is solving for software development
  • Discussing how MaC is currently being used in the form of standardized work
  • Theorizing how MaC will be utilized in manufacturing environments in the future

Attendees will learn to take advantage of MaC by leveraging the underutilized lean practice of standardized work today to position themselves for the future of agile manufacturing.

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Meet your presenter 

Corey A. Stefanczak is a solution architect at Leidos specializing in real-time information systems for manufacturing, energy, and transportation sectors. He focuses on helping clients unify their enterprise automation infrastructure to create value from their data and existing assets. Corey uses his 19 years of system integration and software development experience to help clients succeed by blending the right balance of culture, technology, and process.