IMTS 2018 Conference: Digital Productivity Solutions

IMTS 2018 Conference: Digital Productivity Solutions

With the ToolScope, Komet lays down the foundation toward the digital future of machining


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About the topic

With the field of digital productivity solutions, Komet is setting the course for the digital future of machining. In a changing market situation, the demand for custom solutions is growing while the requirement for standard tooling is decreasing.

Digital and engineered solutions will impact how the industry will be machining in the next years.

A key element in digital productivity solutions is the ToolScope. Komet introduces the new features for their ToolScope monitoring and assistance system, providing solutions for the industry regarding their need for an automatized and monitored production.

It records and documents the machine's internal data during the machining process and provides transparency for the entire machining process. Occurrences such as tool changes or machine standstills are also recorded and are available for further analysis.

With digital solutions, Komet is aiming to provide advantages to the industry with turnkey solutions from the cutting edge to a complete monitored production.

Topics include:

  • Change of the market field, outlook into what will happen in the next 1 to 5 years
  • How to create solutions for the industry and be competitive
  • Komet's developments in 2017 and 2018, how they benefit customers

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Meet your presenter 

Mark Blosser has an extensive background in manufacturing, design, tooling and part processing; and is the main technical expert for complete solutions for Komet Group in North America.  Mark has been with the Komet Group in various roles for over 33 years.  Komet Group is a leader in threading tools for high volume and difficult to machine applications worldwide with many high-tech tools and ideas servicing most of the top manufacturers in all industries.