IMTS 2018 Conference: Light Weight Engineering in Workholding

IMTS 2018 Conference: Light Weight Engineering in Workholding

Use light weight engineering to achieve highly complex components with high levels of accuracy


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About the topic 

The increasing need to build faster, efficient, and economic machines has made light weight and fatigue control key considerations in the engineering of rotating machine elements. The main concern for machining is to lower the high idle times which are due to the weight of the structures. This is done by constraining the quick acceleration and deceleration cycles. While concentrating on light weight machine elements, we also need to consider the high damping and static stiffness requirements. These considerations are required to ensure the engineered geometries, required rates of production, and acceptable surface finishes are achieved economically. Composite materials, by the virtue of the high stiffness to weight ratio can meet the above objectives by reducing the impact of inertia if used for the structural components in machine tools. Workholding components in the machine tools play a very crucial role in achieving required part accuracy. Different conventional material combinations and geometric optimization are already in place to explore the possibility of light weight engineering in achieving the most complex components with high levels of accuracy. Moving ahead by exploiting the low weight, low cost, and flexible properties of composites, the possibility of having more efficient machine tools and workholding systems will be discussed. By understanding the feasibility of material combinations and new degrees of freedom in the manufacturing process, the feasibility of moving toward stronger and more economically engineered solutions through initial probable trails is possible. 

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Meet your presenter 

Naga Sai Chakravarthy is a mechanical engineer at Kitagawa Northtech Inc. He has demonstrated experience in product design & development, FEA, material selection, composites, and advanced manufacturing. He has keen interest in understanding the feasibility of lightweight material in engineering to make more energy efficient and economic systems.