IMTS 2018 Conference: Achieving Maximum Productivity by Addressing the Weakest Link – Your Connection

IMTS 2018 Conference: Achieving Maximum Productivity by Addressing the Weakest Link – Your Connection

How to overcome connection challenges to maximize productivity


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About the topic

How do we solve the most difficult challenge in manufacturing and maximize productivity?

In this session real world case studies will be shared.

All of them started with the end-result in mind, and applied end-to-end thinking from the machine connection to the cutting edge.

Participants will walk away with an understanding of:

  • How it all needs to work together – machine – spindle connection – cutting-edge solution
  • How to work with your machine tool partners to select the right machine for the job, and for the future
  • How to ensure you don’t settle for what you have always had
  • Some of the latest process innovations enabled by the strongest connection on the market


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Meet your presenter

Jay Verellen has developed an end-to-end solutions mindset through various Global and Regional leadership roles during the last 13 years including global product management, marketing operations and operational excellence leadership, regional product team leadership and metalworking sales development. The common thread to success throughout all roles has been to start with desired outcomes in mind and build process based solutions to achieve them.

Prior to engaging in the business side of manufacturing, Verellen was a hands-on CNC machinist and invested nearly a decade living the day-to-day challenges of metal cutting and maximum productivity on the shop floor. It is during these formative years that Jay learned the art of machining various materials, and dealing with the ever-changing world of advanced machinery, CAD CAM systems, and fixturing possibilities. These crucial lessons created the pathway for a successful transition into general applications engineering as a technical representative for a Global metal working solutions provider.

Currently, as Director of Kennametal’s Global Tooling Systems Product Management Group, Verellen and his team work to ensure the fulfillment of their common mission: maximize the performance of the machines that drive us and the tools we drive by providing performance enabling systems that add value at every turn.

Verellen lives in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. He is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and his favorite pastime is building lasting memories with his wife and daughters.