IMTS 2018 Conference: Cost Justification

IMTS 2018 Conference: Cost Justification

Learn how to better position yourself to accurately justify making an investment in new equipment


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About the topic 

There is a lot more to justifying a capital investment than the purchase price of a machine tool. Many other factors have a big impact on the effectiveness and profitability of a new machine.

This presentation will demonstrate how to accurately justify making an investment in new equipment to yield the lowest piece-cost. To make a wise investment one must understand the costs involved, the tangible and intangible benefits, the cost of not making the investment, and how to calculate the payback.

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Meet your presenter 

Tom Clark is the president and CEO of Index Corp. with its North American headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. Index is a global supplier of high precision turning equipment solutions to the automotive, medical, fluid power and aerospace markets. Clark joined Index in 2017 following 33 years at Makino.  

Clark has extensive global experience working with companies to implement new innovative production solutions to meet their goals of cost, quality, and just in time delivery. Index offers high technology, highly automated solutions suited for the future of manufacturing in North America. Clark will address the pressures facing manufacturers, such as a lack of skilled labor and part cost reductions.