IMTS 2018 Conference: Latest Innovations in Laser Marking

IMTS 2018 Conference: Latest Innovations in Laser Marking

Discover the latest laser marking technology and determine which solution best fits your product


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About the topic 

Marking and traceability requirements can be an intimidating process. Manufacturers, for example, must adhere to strict marking standards with regards to position, size, and contents of the mark, leaving no room for error. Lack of compliance may lead to liability issues, increased costs, steep penalties, federal prosecution, and/or counterfeiting problems. More importantly, noncompliance could mean the loss of a company's reputation.

A global resource for product identification and traceability solutions, Gravotech manufactures lasers, dot peen micro-percussion, scribing, and rotary machines. This presentation will address the latest in laser marking technology for product marking and traceability in the manufacturing process. It will also evaluate the latest innovations in laser marking equipment to permanently mark a wide range of products and the materials they are made from.

Key takeaways

  • Learn about the latest laser marking technologies
  • Discover marking solutions for various materials
  • Learn which permanent marking solution best fits your product

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Meet your presenters 

Toch Uk is Gravotech’s senior technical customization manager. Uk brings more than 15 years of technical and leadership experience having occupied multiple key roles and is instrumental in the development of Gravotech's innovative laser marking solutions for the industrial market. He graduated from The National Engineering School in France with a focus in mechanical and manufacturing automation.


John Beutell is Gravotech's senior traceability applications manager.